Established under the Great Lakes Regional Collaboration
Pursuant to the Executive Order of May 18, 2004

(This page updated on October 17, 2005)



Final AIS Action plan, as submitted to Executive Committee (10-14-05), including cover letter, action plan, detailed list of recommendations, and near-term actions.

Complete submission to Executive Committee: same as above plus all appendices from AIS Action Plan (detailed reports from the strategy teams: Aquaculture, Canals and Waterways, Maritime Commerce, Organisms in Trade, and Recreational Activities).

Public Comments on Draft AIS Action Plan

The AIS Strategy Team received most of the public comments from the EPA on September 20th. The comments are roughly in the same order as presented in the summary of public comments.


GLRC Strategy

The Great Lakes Regional Collaboration released its draft strategy on July 7, 2005, at Summit I in Duluth, Minnesota. The document is available for public review and comment at This Draft Strategy contains both the chapter and accompanying appendix that were prepared by each of the eight GLRC strategy teams.