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What's New
Plan to store nuclear waste near Great Lakes proves radioactive
The Washington Post (5/16)
A plan to dump and seal radioactive waste in a 2,231-foot hole a mile from the bottom of Lake Huron in Kincardine, Ont., is gaining criticism from politicians and groups.

Gary's 'green' projects to slow water runoff
The Post-Tribune (5/2)
Gary, Ind., will use a $250,000 Great Lakes Restoration Initiative Shoreline Cities grant on green infrastructure projects.

Wales board gets sprinkling of groundwater data
The Buffalo News (4/13)
Wales, N.Y., is the only municipality in Erie County that relies solely on groundwater for its potable water, so protecting the resource is a high priority in the town.

Water bill credits expected this week for Flint customers
MLive (4/4)
Flint, Mich., customers should expect to see water credits this week as part of a $30 million state plan to reimburse bills dating back two years.

New Michigan water worry emerges near former air base
Detroit Free Press (3/10)
Harmful chemicals spilled from the now-decommissioned Wurtsmith Air Force Base are spreading into groundwater, affecting residential wells and potentially public health in the surrounding Oscoda community, Michigan state health officials said.

As wells go deeper, radium levels rise in Wisconsin's tap water
Milwaukee Public Radio (3/6)
In 2014, the village of Sussex in southeast Wisconsin made a dismaying discovery. The radioactive element radium, a contaminant that occurs naturally in bedrock throughout the region, had seeped into two of its seven water wells.

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General Resources
The Importance of Ground Water in the Great Lakes Region
U.S. Geological Survey (USGS)
Ground water is a major natural resource in the Great Lakes region because it indirectly contributes more than 50 percent of the stream discharge to the Great Lakes. This report is an excellent evaluation of ground water conditions and issues in the region, illustrated with numerous figures and maps.

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50 Ways Farmers Can Protect Their Groundwater
U. of Illinois College of Agriculture, Cooperative Extension Service
Topics include reducing contamination risks from fertilizers, herbicides, and insecticides, managinge pests with an integrated pest management program, improving chemical application, evaluating a site with groundwater protection in mind, and testing and treating water.

A Primer on Fresh Water
Environment Canada
Designed for educators, communities and organizations in a position to develop learning resources to enable Canadians to better understand their environment.

Groundwater Education in Michigan Program
Institute of Water Research, Michigan State University and the W.K. Kellogg Foundation
The GEM program helps people understand the relationship between their actions and the quality of their environment, particularly groundwater. GEM has a network of community groups and universities across the state who initiate projects and share information about protecting groundwater.

Groundwater Education Strategy
Great Lakes Commission
This document lays out a framework to promote groundwater education programs in the region made up of findings of the Groundwater Education Task Force and its education roundtables.

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Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture Pesticides and Groundwater Strategy
Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection
Describes the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture's strategy, principles for addressing the protection of groundwater through the implementation of Best Management Practices and other prevention activities and plans for groundwater monitoring, information dissemination and recordkeeping. February 1996.

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Illinois Department of Natural Resources (DNR)
From The Changing Illinois Environment: Critical Trends, 1994.

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Related Resources
GLIN: Rivers and Lakes in the Great Lakes Region
GLIN: Water Quality in the Great Lakes Region

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