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2005: Great Lakes Beach Association Conference

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Held Nov.2-3, 2005 at the KI Convention Center and Regency Suites in
Green Bay, Wisconsin

Join us in Green Bay for the biennial State of Lake Michigan conference and the annual Great Lakes Beach Association conference. This joint conference brings together scientists, resource managers, planners, officials, students, and interested citizens working to improve and protect Lake Michigan, Green Bay and Great Lakes beaches.

Sessions will focus on research, management, and remedial actions that address:

  • Contaminants and sediment remediation
  • Eutrophication and harmful algal blooms
  • Fisheries, food webs and aquatic nuisance species
  • State beach program updates
  • Beach data analysis and Predictive Models
  • Bacterial source identification
  • Watershed monitoring and management (TMDLs)
  • Coastal habitat protection and restoration
  • Sustainable surface and groundwater use

Updated Call for Abstracts (PDF)
Deadline extended to Aug. 12, 2005

For more information, contact:
Victoria Harris, University of Wisconsin Sea Grant Institute
(920) 465-2795

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