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What's New
Michigan plan to deregulate chemicals upsets environmentalists
Great Lakes Echo (11/25)
The debate about environmental justice has grown more serious in Michigan after the Department of Environment Quality recently proposed deregulating 500 chemicals.

Upstate mute swans have one chance left
Rochester Democrat and Chronicle (11/23)
With another spare-the-swans bill vetoed in Albany, N.Y., New Yorkers who prize upstate’s dwindling mute-swan population may need to step in themselves to save the huge birds.

Bill to ban microbeads advances in Congress
MLive (11/19)
Bipartisan legislation to ban tiny plastic particles used in exfoliating personal hygiene products is moving forward in Congress with the cautious support of environmental advocates, who say the rinse-off plastics are polluting the Great Lakes.

COMMENTARY: To prevent Great Lakes oil spills, map the risks and strengthen rules
MLive (11/18)
U.S. Sens. Gary Peters and Debbie Stabenow exlpain why they introduced the Pipeline Improvement and Preventing Spills Act, a legislation that will take concrete steps to prevent accidents and protect the Great Lakes from catastrophic crude oil spill.

COMMENTARY: Bipartisanship key in working to protect Great Lakes
MLive (11/11)
Our Great Lakes really are the lifeline of Southwest Michigan, and communities across the region. We can uphold the natural beauty by working in a bipartisan manner so that our kids and grandkids can enjoy the exquisite beauty of the Great Lakes.

Lake Erie-district lawmakers talk bond issues for water quality projects
Nordonia Hills News Leader (10/27)
A group of lawmakers representing Lake Erie districts is eyeing a 2016 bond issue to provide funding for sewer upgrades and other efforts to improve water quality in Ohio.

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General Resources
TEACH Great Lakes: Law and Policy
Legislation focusing on the Great Lakes basin involves the federal governments of both the United States and Canada. This module discusses the organization of these two governments and the agreements and policies both have made together in order to protect the Great Lakes.

CapitolWiz: A U.S. Congress Legislative Action Center
Track current legislation committee schedules and see how your elected officials voted on key issues.

Committee on appropriations schedules: House of Representatives
A list of upcoming and recent events.

FirstGov: Your first click to the U.S. government
Provides the public with easy, one-stop access to all online U.S. federal government resources.

Great Lakes Congressional Updates
Find out the latest status of legislation that affects the Great Lakes region, and what you can do to express your opinion.

Great Lakes Ecosystem
Northeast-Midwest Institute
Provides the latest status on federal funding for Great Lakes projects and programs, as well as appropriations schedules and letters written by the Great Lakes Task Force.

Laws of Canada
Department of Justice of Canada
Has annual statutes and more.

Legal Information Institute
Cornell Law School
Provides information and full text of U.S. codes, court opinions and laws.

Legal Institute of the Great Lakes
University of Toledo College of Law

Office of Regional Counsel
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
The office provides legal support to the U.S. EPA and represents Region 5 in judical and administrative actions.

Summary of Environmental Law in North America
Commission for Environmental Cooperation (CEC)
The CEC created this summary to improve public access to the environmental law of the three parties to the North American Free Trade Agreement; i.e., Canada, Mexico and the United States.

Library of Congress
Search full-text versions of U.S. House and Senate bills from recent sessions of Congress. Enter "aquatic nuisance" as key words to find bills relating to ANS.

U.S. Congress appropriations hearing schedules: Senate
A brief description of each committee meeting and hearing scheduled to take place today, and on days thereafter.

Water Policy and Legislation in Canada
Environment Canada's Freshwater Web

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Canada-Ontario Agreement
Renews and strengthens planning, cooperation and coordination between Canada and Ontario in implementing actions to restore and protect the Great Lakes basin ecosytem.

Canada-U.S. Air Quality Agreement
An effort to reduce transboundary air pollution and control pollution, climate change, and stratospheric ozone depletion.

Canadian federal-provincial agreements
Environment Canada's Freshwater Web

Ecosystem Charter for the Great Lakes-St. Lawrence Basin, 1994
A tool for promoting and periodically assessing public and private sector efforts to implement an ecosystem approach to the Great Lakes basin.

Great Lakes Binational Stategy
Strategy for the virtual elimination of persistant toxic substances in the Great Lakes Basin.

Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement, 1978
Expresses the commitment of each country to restore and maintain the chemical, physical and biological integrity of the Great Lakes Basin ecosystem.

North American Free Trade Agreement
To eliminate barriers in trade and promote conditions of fair competition between Mexico, the United States, and Canada.

The Great Lakes Charter
To conserve the levels and flows of the Great Lake basin while conserving an environmental balance of the ecosystem.

The Great Lakes Toxic Substances Control Agreement
Establishs a framework for coordinated regional action in controlling toxic pollutants entering the Great Lakes system.

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Federal Laws
Federal Register
Provides a uniform system for making available regulations and legal notices issued by federal agencies.

Library of Congress
Search full-text versions of U.S. House and Senate bills from recent sessions of Congress. Enter "aquatic nuisance" as key words to find bills relating to ANS.

U.S. Code
Cornell University

United States
Clean Air Act Amendments
Clean Air Act, amended 1990
Clean Water Act, 1977
Coastal Zone Management Act, 1972
Endangered Species Act, 1973
Great Lakes Basin Compact
Great Lakes Coastal Barrier Act, 1988
Great Lakes Fish and Wildlife Restoration Act, 1990
Great Lakes Fish and Wildlife Tissue Bank Act
Great Lakes Fishery Act, 1956
Great Lakes Planning Assistance Act, 1988
Great Lakes Shoreline Mapping Act, 1987
Nonindigenous Aquatic Nuisance Prevention and Control Act, 1990

37th Parliament
Canada's Parliament web site.

Federal Water Policy in Canada
Environment Canada's Freshwater Web

Laws of Canada
Department of Justice of Canada
Has annual statutes and more.

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A Joint Strategic Plan for Management of the Great Lakes Fisheries
Great Lakes Fishery Commission
To alert all interest groups to fishery resource needs, provincial, state, tribal and federal fishery agencies agreed to a strong, practical, strategic Great Lakes fisheries management plan.

A Strategic Plan for the Great Lakes Commission
Released in September 1995, this document provides a five-year blueprint to guide the organization's efforts as mandated in its enabling legislation, the Great Lakes Basin Compact (P.L. 90-419).

Strategic Vision of the Great Lakes Fishery Commission for the Decade of the 1990s
Great Lakes Fishery Commission
Losses of fishery habitats, extinction of fish populations and species, and naturalization of nonnative species clearly preclude a full recovery of the Great Lakes to pristine conditions. However, a focus on the five issues as advocated in this vision statement will improve capability for more ecosystem recovery, a process encouraged by the commission (1992).

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Buffalo Environmental Law Journal
Chicago-Kent Law Review
Fordham Environmental Law Journal
NYU Environmental Law Journal

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State and Provincial Laws
United States
Indiana Legal Information
Indiana University School of Law

Ohio Division of Surface Water Laws and Rules
Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

Ohio Division of Surface Water Policies and Guidance
Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

Pennsylvania: Status of Legislation and Regulations and Policies
Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection

U.S. state and territorial laws
Internet Law Library
Search for laws by state.

Wisconsin Statutes
State of Wisconsin

Bills and Status of Legislation
Office of the Legislative Assembly of Ontario

Quebec Laws and Regulations
Quebec's Government Portal

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Boundary Waters Treaty
Signed in 1909, it provides the principles and mechanisms to help resolve disputes and to prevent future ones, primarily those concerning water along the boundary between Canada and the United States.

Indian Treaties
Industry Canada's SchoolNet Digital Collections
Thirteen documents representing various types of arrangements between Aboriginal Peoples and representatives of the government of Canada have been selected for this project by the National Archives of Canada.

Map of Historic Indian Treaties
Natural Resources Canada, National Atlas Information Service

Oneida Indian Nation Treaties Project
Developed to provide easy access for native and non-native people alike to important treaties.

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Related Resources
GLIN: Canadian Federal Government
GLIN: Law Schools in the Great Lakes Region
GLIN: Provincial Governments
GLIN: State Government Agencies and Organizations
GLIN: U.S. Federal Government Agencies and Organizations

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