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Lake Michigan
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What's New
The shipping news
The Economist (2/1)
When spring arrives and the frozen shores of the Great Lakes are long thawed, the St Lawrence Seaway, North America’s liquid superhighway, should witness the greatest renewal of its shipping fleet in 30 years.

New fuel-efficient ship for Great Lakes
Ship & Bunker (12/17)
The Montreal-based Fednav Group announced it has delivered a new vessel to the Great Lakes-Seaway System, one of a new series of ships that are 12 percent more fuel efficient than their predecessors.

Feds sued over fracking ban
The Canadian Press (11/24)
An American company intends to sue the Canadian government for more than $250 million over Quebec's controversial moratorium on hydraulic fracturing or fracking.

Water and our society
The McGill Daily (11/15)
Recent resignations in Montreal's municipal council have cast doubt on the spirit in which water management is conducted: short term repairs, plenty of advertising, and minimal follow up.

International board keeping St. Lawrence water level up at Montreal with water from Lake Ontario
North Country This Week (10/29)
The International St. Lawrence River Board of Control will continue to exceed recommended flows from Lake Ontario when necessary, to maintain adequate minimum water levels in the Montreal Port area.

Cut fossil fuel use, Quebec’s environmental groups tell PQ
The Montreal Gazette (10/22)
Quebec's major environmental groups are calling on the Parti Québécois government to come up with a plan to drastically reduce the use of fossil fuels. The groups want the province to focus more on energy efficiency and renewable energy.

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General Resources
Gouvernement du Québec (Government of Québec)
A starting point to guide you to the many resources available from the government of Québec's departments and agencies as well as the National Assembly.

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Canadian Transportation Research Gateway
Transport Canada
The Canadian Transportation Research Gateway (CTRG) is intended to provide access to evaluated websites, through a single gateway, for researchers, students, government, and industry.

Québec Department of International Relations
Includes a profile of Quebec, its culture and economy, and information about living in and investing in Quebec.

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Ecological Monitoring and Assessment Network
Environment Canada
The Ecological Monitoring and Assessment Network (EMAN) is made up of linked organizations and individuals involved in ecological monitoring in Canada to better detect, describe, and report on ecosystem changes.

Environmental Defence Canada
Formerly known as the Canadian Environmental Defence Fund, Environmental Defence Canada protects the environment and human health.

Living By Water Project
The mission of the Project is "working towards healthier human and wildlife habitat along the shorelines of Canada", and to help shoreline residents obtain information to protect their property, prevent problems like erosion, and protect water quality, fish and wildlife habitat.

Nature Conservancy of Canada
For over 40 years, the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) has been working to protect Canada’s most threatened natural habitats and the endangered species that call them home.

Parks of the St. Lawrence
Manages recreational areas from Kingston to near the Quebec border.

Quebec Environment and Sustainable Development
Quebec's Government Portal
An overview of Quebec's diversified environment, including farming, biodiversity in the forests, preservation of the aquatic ecosystem and more.

St. Lawrence Centre
As the only federal research and development center devoted entirely to the river ecosystem, the St. Lawrence Centre conducts research programs aimed at studying the various ecosystems and keeping the knowledge base about the river up to date.

The Lakes of Canada
Canada's Aquatic Environments
Physical attributes and watershed characteristics of the 10 largest lakes in Canada and selected others.

The World of Trees
Includes sections on seasonal changes; uses of trees; action and protection; and, teacher's resources, such as classroom experiments.

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The Great Lakes Circle Tour
Ride along on the 6,500-mile Great Lakes Circle Tour: a scenic, international road system connecting the five Great Lakes and the St. Lawrence River! For new visitors to the region, this online travel guide offers informational maps, road routes and estimated mileages, and links to major cities, camping and recreation areas, and natural attractions.

Québec Parks
Société des éstablishments de plein air du Québec (Sépaq)

Tourisme Québec: Gouvernement du Québec

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Related Resources
GLIN: St. Lawrence River and Seaway

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