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Carol, many will miss you.

With tears rolling, I recall very fondly our first meeting at the GLC office.  
I came to Ann Arbor from Rochester NY and arrived at the GLC without an 
appointment and unannounced to get further information about the then proposed 
Great Lakes Information Network.  Carol's willingness to immediately find time 
for me together with her kindness, warmth and enthusiasm convinced me to 
return in the very near future for the GLIN organizational meeting.  Her 
spirit and openess to all despite the pressures of her great responsibilies at 
that large meeting led me and later many in our upstate NY Maritime Center 
into a lasting connection with Carol and with the GLC.  I will always remember 
fondly her bright radiance at our meetings, lunches, and the warmth of even 
our distatnt phone calls.  Carol, many, many will long miss you and thank you 
for your great contributions to the Great Lakes community!