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Copy of: My tax dollars at work?

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From:	Jeffrey M. Kerr, 70633,454
TO:	ENVIRO-MICH, INTERNET:enviro-michigc.apc.org
DATE:	10/8/96 10:13 PM

RE:	Copy of: My tax dollars at work?

Hello is there anyone home?

  Can someone please tell me what is going on with MDEQ and EQ (the waste guys)
and the proposed landfill for PCBs in Van Buren Township, and just how much
money Ed McNamara stands to make on the deal, and how much does he currently
make per truck load of toxic waste that ends up in Van Buren Township.  The
proposed land fill is just 800 yards from a watershed ( Belleville Lake) that
leads to 20% of the worlds fresh water supply.  Does this really sound like a
good place to dump 1.4 million cubic yards of pcb?  The proposed site sits on
top of an aquifer.  E.Q.'s history of problems includes more then 1500 pages of
violations.  I just don't get it.  I may not be a genius, but something smells
like bad politics.  

If one happens to be in the market for a new car, please be aware that Ford
Motor Company owns the land that the site would be located on.  They could stop
this tomorrow if they wanted to. "Hey Ford, I've got a better idea."

Could this be the issue that puts Engler in the hall of shame for good.  What a

Help stop the issuance of the permit.  Write or call the elected officials:

U.S. Senator Carl Levin,  477 Mich. Ave. Ste 1860, Detroit, Mi. 48226  (313)

U.S. Congressman Lynn Rivers,  3716 Newberry St., Wayne Mi. 48184  (313)

State Senator Loren Bennett,  State Senate,  Farnum Bldg., Rm.205 Lansing, Mi.
48909  (313) 451-1414

State Rep. Deborah Whyman, P O Box 30014, Lansing, Mi.48909  (313) 453-5744

Wayne County Executive Ed McNamara,
 ( this is the guy thats suppose to be in charge of the air quality division
that hasn't done anything to stop the odors coming from E.Q's Michigan Disposal
Treatment Plant.)  
600 Randolf 3rd floor, Detroit, Mi. 48226  (313) 224-0286

Jeff Kerr
Home owner and W.E.C.A.R.E. member (We're Everyday Citizens Against Ruining the
WECARE HOT LINE: (313) 783-6204