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Glad to be here

I was pleased to learn of the enviro-mich mailing list.  The Wilderness
Resource Center (WRC) is a national grassroots education and advocacy
organization working on the stewardship of Congressionally designated
Wildernesses and Wild and Scenic Rivers both of which there are several in
Michigan. I have a long history relating to Michigan, My great great and
great great great grandparents homesteaded in southern Michigan and I was
born and raised near Lansing until making a move to Montana in 1976.  I
still visit Michigan every year and have many friends and family there.  I
have worked on issues affecting the Sylvania and Nordhouse Dunes
Wildernesses and also the recent proposed land swap involving Sleeping Bear
Sand Dunes.  It's important to remember that federal lands belong to us all
and that management of these lands in Montana effect citizens in Michigan
and management of federal public lands in Michigan is important to people
in Montana.
Thanks for porviding the list,
Jim Dayton Director
Wilderness Resource Center  Missoula, MT