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CYNIC'S report.... Viking Energy Hearing

The CYNIC just got a report about the Viking Energy hearing from
one of his northern Michigan conspirators.....

Last night, MDEQ Air Division held a public hearing on Viking Energy  AKA
CRSS Inc. (Houston TX) on the burning of pentachlorophenol wood/demolition
wood/creosote wood.....

The plant would receive several types of wood waste that were 
explicitly rejected in the permit for Genesee Power.

Over 250 area citizens attended ....

Several members of the newly formed Alcona County Environmental Coalition
presented detailed testimony against the proposed use of so-called 
"alternate fuels."

Some local officials said that the proposed use of alternative fuels may
violated the zoning which allowed this "bait and switch" plant to come in 
(originally permitted only for virgin wood chips).

Apparently, the company is threatening the local town with a lawsuit
if they seek to enforce zoning requirements against the plant or otherwise
pass an ordinance against the use of "alternate fuels."     These Texas
energy company guys really know about northern Michigan hospitality
and good community relations, eh?

Reports from the meeting were that several citizens, including the local
high school science teacher, presented detailed technical arguments 
against granting of the permit.

All of the citizen activity, the organization, the analysis....everything
about this issue....was created in the last month after some local
citizens took leadership and ownership of the issue.

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