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Unplug America, October 13th

		* UNPLUG AMERICA - Sunday, October 13th, 1996 *

-->  Stop using and think about what we're losing.

Turn out the lights, shut off the taps, cut off your engines and
celebrate your freedom from consumption.  October 13th is a day to
reflect on ways to achieve sustainability - a plan for taking what we
need, giving back what we can, and leaving the rest to provide for
generations to come.  It's only one day out of the year but it's the
first step towards restoring our land and resources.  Just give it a
try, and if you like it, try it again every month.  Remember, she's your
Mother Earth.  So, give her a break. 

--> Consumption and the U.S. 

The United States is currently the largest energy market in the world,
and right behind Canada when it comes to per capita consumption.  We've
gotten used to turning on switches and electrifying everything.  From
toasters and micro-waves to blowdryers and VCR's.  We've grown
accustomed to using energy irresponsibly and in a way that destroys our
environment.  If we want to insure our own survival and that of future
generations, we need to start today by thinking about ways to use less
and use wisely. 

--> Consumption and Indian Lands

Uranium, coal, timber, oil, natural gas, water.  Indian lands hold
valuable resources that have long been exploited by corporations
unconcerned with the effects on our environment.  The degradation of
these lands has a major and immediate impact on all of Turtle Island. 
Uranium mining has already caused widespread contamination on Native
lands and waters. Strip mining threatens some of our most sacred places
like the Sweetgrass Hills.  Trees cut for paper in places like Clayquot
Sound and White Earth mean our culture is getting clearcut and hauled
away.  Dams like those proposed at James Bay and Northern Quebec will
put entire ecosystems underwater.  And the never-ending search for more
oil by companies like ARCO and EXXON threatens the existence of species
like the Caribou in Norther Alaska that the Gwich'in are desperately
trying to save from the opening of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.
It's time to stop and think about what we're losing and begin to
confront the problems that directly threaten our ecological survival. 

--> Unplug! 

On October 13th, we're going to unplug for a day and learn to live
simply.  Use as little as you can and think about what you consume. 
Where does your power come from?  Your paper? Your gas?  What are the
alternatives?  There's loads of solar, wind and conservation potential
out there.  We need to take action and save our resources.  Our peoples
depend on it today and for the seven generations to come. 
For additional information please contact: 

Winona LaDuke                    Marsha Gomez      Christopher Peters
Indigenous Womens Network (IWN)  IWN               7th Generation Fund
7th Generation Fund              13621 FM 2769     P.O. Box 4569
Rt 1 Box 308                     Austin, TX 73726  Arcata, CA 95521
Ponsford, MN                                       (707)825-7640

Nilak Butler                     Mililani Trask    Tom Goldtooth
Greenpeace                       K A Lahui Hawaii  Indigenous
568 Howard St. 3rd Fl            The Sovereign     Environmental Network
San Francisco, CA  94105         Hawaiian Nation   P.O. Box 485
(415) 512-9025                   P.O. Box 4964     Bemidji, MN 56601
				 Hilo, HI  96720   (218) 751-4769
						   Email ien@@igc.apc.org
Priscilla Settee  -  IWN
107 Engineering Bldg
U. of Manitoba
Winnipeg   R3T-2N2
(204) 586-3559

  For inspirational reading I highly recommend "In the Absence of the
Sacred - The Failure of Technology & the Survival of the Indian Nations"
by Jerry Mander, published by Sierra Club Books.