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ENVIRO-MICH is taking off!!!

FROM the 

Sierra Club, Mackinac Chapter
300 North Washington Ave.  #411
Lansing, MI   48933
(517) 484-2372; (517) 484-3108 fax;


With just one week of primarily electronic mail promotion, the ENVIRO-MICH
list is already up to 118 people!!!!   That's really great...

Just today, a number of students signed up from distribution of a flyer
at a standing room only talk by Adam Werbach, 23 year old president
of the national Sierra Club last night on the UM  Ann Arbor.

And by the way....

....congratulations to the Univerisity of Michigan group ENACT at the 
UM School of Natural Resources and to the Huron Valley Group
of the Sierra Club for a great promotion job on that meeting.   

The Werbach talk, attended by at least 225 people, mostly UM students,
was the best attended, most enthusiastic student environmental event seen
around these parts in years!!!

Werbach's dynamic talk was designed to jolt "the slackers" and "generation X"
crowd to action....  particularly in coming elections.   Werbach explained 
how he started his environmental activism at age 8 by circulating Sierra Club
petitions for the removal of former Interior Secretary James Watt.   

Werbach explained how urgent the need for student involvement in the next
month before the elections was, because all of our environmental laws were
at stake.    He also put the whole anti-government mood in perspective by
explaining just how well our environmental laws have worked.

He talked about the effect of the "worst Congress ever" on environmental 
issues and the national Sierra Club's endorsement of President Bill
Clinton for re-election, as well as the hot races to retain U.S. Rep. Lynn 
Rivers and to oust U.S. Rep. Dick Chrysler.

....back to ENVIRO-MICH......

We're again pleased at all of the "heavy hitters" coming onto the list....

besides a number of UM School of Natural Resources professors and students,
we have people from the UM Environmental Engineering Dept.,

...more of our hard-working civil servants from middle level management in
the U.S.
EPA, the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality,  NOAA Great Lakes Lab
and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

... some folks from a couple prestigious environmental and public policy
firms in Michigan

.... several of the officers, directors and volunteers of the Sierra Club
Mackinac Chapter.

.... a couple more top environmental journalists in the state

....several folks from the Econet/IGC system...

....folks from the Great Lakes Natural Resources Center of NWF in Ann Arbor and 
from Citizens for a Better Environment

.... and many more grassroots volunteers coming out of the woodwork to sign
up for the

Please help us promote this activity....and tell people that your email
address will be
held confidential by the Sierra Club-Mackinac Chapter so you don't have to worry
about list and email abuses....

Thanks again for your participation, enthusiasm and help in getting ENVIRO-MICH
off the ground;   and please don't hesitate to tell us what you are doing on
your current issue/research/program and sharing it with the rest of
Michigan's up and coming 
HOT environmental communication system!!!

For more information on ENVIRO-MICH and instructions for signing onto 
this free list, contact   asagady@sojourn.com