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The CYNIC on White Pine Acid Mining

The CYNIC slummed this morning at McDonalds in Mason
for a quick grease meal.   After polluting the environment and 
destroying resources by squeezing the oil out of two potato hash
browns into a pile of napkins undoubtedly made from chlorine
dioxide bleached kraft pulp  (probably from Champion International's
hardwood forest-eating monster pulp mill at Quinnessec), 
the CYNIC  got back into political correctness by 
NOT buying  the strike-bound Detroit Free Press and running off
with one that someone left behind at Mickey Dees.

DFP reports this morning that the U.S. Environmental Protection 
Agency is holding at hearing in the Upper Peninsula on the 
White Pine Solution Mining Project.   The hearing is set for
Oct. 21, 6-9 PM in the White Pine High School Gym.

Apparently, the  U.S. EPA can't trust the TOP MANAGEMENT
at the Engler Administration  MDEQ  to do something
as simple as hearing and responding to public
concerns about this major proposal.

White Pine Copper, of course, is the monster enterprise next to 
one of Michigan's jewels, the Porcupine Mountains
Wilderness State Park.    The Mine shut down its
underground mining and aboveground smelting operations,
but not before the National Wildlife Federation had to 
bring a lawsuit to deal with the pollution from the smelter.

Other leftovers from White Pine include  3.5 square miles of 
unvegetated, dust-blowing copper mine tailings, visible from satellite photos
of Michigan.

Of course, now that John Engler and
MDEQ Director Russell "Missouri Mud" Harding, have moved to 
repeal all metallic mine reclamation rules in Michigan we 
can hardly expect the MDEQ to do anything about these
tailings or Cleveland Cliffs' "Michigan Moonscapes" near

Now comes White Pine Copper wanting to dump strong
acids underground in Exxon Valdez quantities to do "solution mining"
in the old underground mine.   It seems that the mining 
company wants to extract the last bit of profit from this
mine by leeching the support pillars in the abandoned
mine  [say the magic words "mining subsidence" and
the duck will drop down and pay you $1000].

And the solution mining brings the prospect for  potential
pollution of Lake Superior from solution processing 
and Western Rockies style long term mine drainage
(and from acid shipment accidents as the Indian Tribe in 
Wisconsin has been protesting).

But this can't be the whole story.....

Bring on the MDEQ Waste Management Division,
its arms seriously twisted, seriously entertaining a
proposal from "stakeholders"  [the currently chic
regulatory agency buzzword for what used to be known
as the more dissonant-sounding designation of "special
interests" or even "regulated community"] to deregulate
copper and zinc bearing wastes from their current hazardous
waste designation.  

The CYNIC must be undergoing paranoid delusional
hallucinations to think that this latest waste deregulation
proposal is just another Engler-Harding machination to grease
the skids for more unrestrained White Pine operations.

Where are the old-time Michigan DNR radical government  fish
biologists to take great umbrage at zinc/copper aquatic toxicity
when we really need them?

WHOA.... the CYNIC must be losing it....    He's getting
visions of  John Engler, Russell Harding, Senator Loren
Bennett [Chair of the Michigan Senate Environment Committee], 
the Midland-based Mackinac Center, the Michigan State 
Chamber of Commerce and the Michigan Manufacturers Association
hovering over Michigan  in  swarms of black helicopters with
NAFTA-enforced orders to "dumb down" Michigan  environmental
regulations to compete with Mexico, Arkansas and Louisiana in "the
New World Order."     And then there are visions of John Engler dispatching
his environmental critics like just so many Mexican Chiapas rebels.

.......got to wake up from this nightmare vision!!!!!  Bring me more oily
hash browns and caffinated diet Dr. Pepper....

This is the  CYNIC,  OVER AND OUT!!!