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White Pine Mining Project

In case you didn't have time to filter through the crap posted by 
someone calling themselves the "CYNIC" concerning the White Pine    
mining project, here is the story, simply put, without all the
self-indulgent and irrelevant drivel.  Let's try to remember that
this is serious stuff we're talking about and post accordingly.

/* ---- "Michigan acid solution mining project suspended" ---- */

Bad River alert - Acid solution mining project at White Pine, Michigan 
SUSPENDED pending EPA review.
The Anishinabe Ogitchida (Protectors of the People) at Bad River
did not block the acid trains for 29 days in vain.    The Copper 
Range Company owned by Canada's Inmet has suspended its acid
solution mining pilot project, pending EPA review of the project.
There will be an EPA hearing in White Pine on Oct. 21.   

Walt Bresette, 
Midwest Treaty Network

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(The following is the  full text of the amazing company 
press release, which gives credit where credit is due:)

Copper Range announced today that it will suspend pilot scale 
solution mining at its White Pine MIne.  Pilot scale solution
mining commenced at White Pine shortly after Copper Range
received a letter from the EPA which confirmed authorization
for the pilot scale activities and committed EPA to reach a formal
regulatory detrmination regarding the commercial scale operation
no later than July 1997.   Subsequent to that letter, in response to
pressure from Naive American and Environmental groups, the EPA
determined that it would complete a comprehensive "Environmental
Analysis" of the commercial scale facility, a process which it
stated recently would take between 12 and 18 months and 
possibly longer.  Eric Dudson, President of Copper Range said, 
"The operation of the pilot scale solution mining project is a
capital intensive undertaking and the timing of such expenditures
is directly related to the timing of the commercial scale facility.
We simply cannot afford to continue to make such expenditures in
light of the uncertainty posed by the new EPA regulatory process.
We continue to believe that solution mining is an environmentally
sound process and we intend to cooperate and work closely with
the EPA.