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Bay City students need an assist.....

I received the following message from folks
who were not subscribed to enviro-mich....

These students have what sounds like a 
really ambitious, interesting project.   Is there
anyone out there who may be able to give
them assistance or advice???

>To: enviro-mich@igc.org
>From: mbrem@cris.com (michael l. bremer)
>Subject: need great lakes info
>Date: Fri, 11 Oct 1996 19:10:19 LOCAL
>Message-ID: <mbrem.33.00BF727A@cris.com>
>	I am asking for some assistance.  I am involved in the Environmental Research 
>and Computational Science class at John Glenn High School in Bay City 
>Michigan.  In this class a group of four students are to research an 
>environmental topic and collect data relating to this subject.  By the end of 
>the school year, our group should have conducted enough research to construct 
>a mathmatical model displaying this topic and to produce a professional 
>presentation of our research.
>	The environmental topic our group is researching is "The relationships 
>between the levels of phosphorus and nitrogen and their effects on the growth 
>of blue green algae in Saginaw Bay."   Any research materials anyone could 
>provide would be greately appreciated.  We do have access to the world wide 
>web and any related sites you could recommend would be very helpful in our 
>pursuit of success.   
>		I can be reached at the following e-mail addresses:
>			(either one is fine to use)
>			kristenb@earthvision.svsu.edu
>				-or-
>			mbrem@cris.com
>	Thank you for your time.
>					Kristen

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