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recycling about to be dumped


Summary:  The House Conservation, Environment and Great Lakes Committee 
is still considering H.B. 5830 (H-4).  Committee Chairman James 
“Mick" Middaugh said the committee will keep meeting during the fall 
with the goal of having a bill ready for full House action just after 
the November election.

Why Should Environmentalists Care:  This bill is a pro-landfill bill 
designed to expedite the expansion and construction of new landfills.  It:

•  Deals with only one end of the solid waste management hierarchy -- 
landfill siting. It effectively prevents counties from saying “no” to 
landfills and to out-of-county waste.  We don’t need more landfills -- 
the DEQ says there is 15 years of permitted landfill capacity in 
Michigan and 22 years of capacity that is sited.

• Ends the state’s preference for reduction and recycling by 
eliminating incentives for county solid waste plans, and by promoting 
new landfills.  
•  Does nothing to stop out-of-state waste.  In fact, by depressing 
landfill prices with added capacity, it will encourage high disposal 
cost states and Canada to increase their exports of garbage to Michigan.

We want amendments that would:

-- Allow Michigan to block out-of-state waste from jurisdictions that 
do not ban the dumping of used oil, car batteries, yard waste and other 
items banned from Michigan’s landfill waste stream;
-- Let counties institute volume-based pricing of solid waste disposal 
and require source separation and recycling;
-- Impose a statewide landfill charge to fund county recycling programs;
-- Allow counties to override township/landfill company host community 
agreements inconsistent with county plans.

This bill is still being pushed by the waste industry at the expense of 
the public interest.  Although the vote will be after the election, the 
time to hold representatives accountable is NOW.  Contact your 
representative and ask how he/she will vote on HB 5830 and its 
provisions that make landfill siting easier.  For more information, 
call Dave Dempsey at 517-487-9539.