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Envir. Lectures by Norman Myers

FYI...lectures at MSU 10/24 by prominent environmental scientist...

The Department of Zoology, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology Program,
and International Studies & Programs are pleased to announce a visit by
Norman Myers to MSU.  Dr. Myers is a visiting professor at Ann Arbor, and
will be coming here for just an afternoon.  Thus, there will be no private
opportunities to meet with him. Nonetheless, he will make two public

Thursday, October 24  4:00 p.m.
128 Natural Science Building
"Our Environmental Prospect: Time of Breakthrough or Breakdown?"

Thursday, October 24  2:00 p.m.
203 B Natural Science Building
"Biodiversity: Much Lost, Much Still to Play For"

The 4:00 lecture is open to all.  Myers is an outstanding speaker,
and students will enjoy him.  The colloquium at 2:00 is for faculty and
graduate students.  If you have any questions or wish additional information,
contact Richard Hill, Professor of Zoology, at 5-2370 or hillr@pilot.msu.edu

[The above was adapted from a message originally sent by Dr. Craig
Harris  (Sociology).   DZO]

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