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Sierra Club position on Props D & G

The Sierra Club has taken the following positions on Proposals D & G
on the November statewide ballot in Michigan.  For further information
please contact Anne Woiwode at the Mackinac Chapter office,
anne.woiwode@sierraclub.org or (517) 484-2372.  

"The Mackinac Chapter Executive Committee, at its October 12th
meeting, voted NOT TO ENDORSE either Proposal D or Proposal G.  The
Sierra Club has been a primary advocate for the "maintenance and
restoration of healthy, viable native plant and animal populations,
their habitats and ecological processes" in Michigan, particularly on
State and National Forests.  The highly politicized and polarized
debate on these proposals has obscured the fact that Michigan today
still has no guiding set of policies, laws or practices which will
move wildlife management in this state toward Sierra Club's goal. 
Nothing in either proposal addresses that failing.  Proposal D
addresses issues of hunting practices, a matter of individual concern.
Proposal G raises the concept of "sound scientific management" of
wildlife, but with no ultimate goal for what the outcome of that
management should be.  That leaves this proposal wide open to abuse."