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Re: Sierra Club position on Props D & G

 This is a timely topic just ripe to be the subject of the first 
substantive *DISCUSSION* of enviro-mich. There has got to be some deep 
thoughts about this subject from all you lurkers out there.
  Just to get things rolling, I'll lob out this grenade: Why should a 
vote of the people decide hunter ethics? Isn't that like trying to 
legislate morality?

Dave Poulson

On Thu, 17 Oct 1996 alison.horton@sfsierra.sierraclub.org wrote:

> The Sierra Club has taken the following positions on Proposals D & G
> on the November statewide ballot in Michigan.  For further information
> please contact Anne Woiwode at the Mackinac Chapter office,
> anne.woiwode@sierraclub.org or (517) 484-2372.  
> "The Mackinac Chapter Executive Committee, at its October 12th
> meeting, voted NOT TO ENDORSE either Proposal D or Proposal G.  The
> Sierra Club has been a primary advocate for the "maintenance and
> restoration of healthy, viable native plant and animal populations,
> their habitats and ecological processes" in Michigan, particularly on
> State and National Forests.  The highly politicized and polarized
> debate on these proposals has obscured the fact that Michigan today
> still has no guiding set of policies, laws or practices which will
> move wildlife management in this state toward Sierra Club's goal. 
> Nothing in either proposal addresses that failing.  Proposal D
> addresses issues of hunting practices, a matter of individual concern.
> Proposal G raises the concept of "sound scientific management" of
> wildlife, but with no ultimate goal for what the outcome of that
> management should be.  That leaves this proposal wide open to abuse."
>                                     -end-