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Re: Sierra Club position on Props D & G

In a message dated 96-10-18 02:03:36 EDT, dpoulson@great-lakes.net (David
Poulson) writes:

> Just to get things rolling, I'll lob out this grenade: Why should a 
>vote of the people decide hunter ethics? Isn't that like trying to 
>legislate morality?
>Dave Poulson

I'm  willing to pick up your grenade and give it a pitch as well.  There were
some truly thought provoking issues and concerns addressed on several
outdoors programs on PBS last Saturday.  I was impressed that these folks
were willing to address these concerns in a such a head on manner.  The
gentleman in the upper who banded with neighbors and began this issue had no
interest actually in bear dogs or baiting,  but instead was concerned about
trespassing and the safety of his family.  He felt threatened several times
by some of the bear hunters using dogs that refused to leave his property.
 They made some pretty substantial verbal threats.  This man went to DNR,
 local police,  state police and legislators who all basically said he was
right.  It is illegal to tresspass,  but there really isn't much we can do.
  In his frustration,  he joined up with the folks from CUB.  The point on
the programs Saturday was that if current laws were enforced,  we wouldn't be
voting now on "D".  

It is such a slippery slope we are approaching and I agree with the SC
stance, it is difficult to find a way to endorse either.