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Re: E-M:/ Biggest invisible environmental issue in Michigan

Anne W. and others,

Thanks for the update on mining.  It seems as if the DEQ (Destroy
Environmental Quality?) has a blind spot when it comes to mining.  With
the sickening situation described by Anne and the illegal and immoral
refusal to immediately stop the toxic pollution in the Palmer Drain coming
from a mining operation,  Russ Harding and his benefactor, John
(fishin in a toilet) Engler and the other political hacks appear to be
allowing the mining industry to do as they please.  
Also, just returned from a class trip to the Ausable State Forest north of
Midland this evening.  The Ausable SF around the Molassas river is one of
the most hacked over "forests" I have come across in this state.  Take a
ride west on M-61 from M-23 and head over toward Wooden Shoe. Before you
get there, turn south on Firelane road and observe the virtual war zone of
ORV destruction and the remnants of Michigan's version of industrial
forestry.  One would think these fools would know better given what
happened to this state in the last century.  But no, they just keep right
on going and the result is the soil damage, wildlife habitat destruction
and watershed damage that is the Ausable SF.  

The DNR forestry folks should be ashamed of themselves for what has
happened up there.  I would be happy to debate them on this and other
areas at any time, anywhere.  I can just hear it, "we had to clearcut
thousands of acres because if we didn't, the wood would go to waste,
blah, blah...)  Sorry to be so cynical but having to explain, once again,
to 30 UM students why this is allowed to happen really got to me this
time.  Lucky for us, we were able to head on west to pick up a Coke at the
Shell next to the McDonalds near the Dunkin Donuts around the corner from
the Subway and the Amoco.  Folks, it doesnt get any better than this.


Dave Zaber

P.S.  I am serious about this offer.  Public debate on the state of the
state forests with anyone at DNR/DEQ/MSU/UM etc.  Perhaps we should start
by having a DNR "forester" explain why they did not leave any snags
of large woody debris in so many of their cutting units.  Or, we could
begin by having one of the wildlife biologists or hydrologists tell us why
we should clearcut directly on top of springs.  Hell, lets go easy.
Why don't we initiate this debate with a full explanation of the
similarities between piles of wood chips and interior forest snags.  

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