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E-M:/ Mining, Tilden Lake fill

Anne  & others - Matt Williams, a reporter with the Mining Journal, passed
on a copy of the Cleveland Cliffs/Tilden Mining Co. application for the
permit to fill Tilden Lake for their mining operations. The info I have is
missing pages, but gives an overview of the project and the alternatives

Table below in Times New Roman Font, 12 pt - you may have to play with it
to get things to line up as a table.

Alternative		Greenfield	Wetland	Regulated 	Open Water
			Impact		Impact		Stream		Acres
			Acres		Acres		L.F.		

Alt. 1 
(Tilden Lake)		249		17		2,096		53

Alt. 2
(West Tilden Lake)	256		42.6		1,590		0

Alt. 3
(Ogden Lake)		264		42.2		3,012		53

Alt. 4
(Power Line)		271		49.3		4,490		0

Alternative 5 - no new rock pile - Tilden Mining will pick up their marbles
and go home.

It's also relevant that Tilden Lake is tucked in between two existing
rockpiles, and has no public access because it's in a blasting zone for the
mines. Although alternative four has less open water impact but a much
greater stream impact. In addition, this would require relocating the power
line, which would cut a corridor through the woods and would be expected to
have some impact on biological diversity. If Tilden has really considered
all the realistic options, it may be that the proposed lake fill is the
lesser of the five evils. If the operation were nasty enough overall,
comparable to the toxins spewed forth from the White Pine copper mine, I'd
be better prepared to argue for alternative 5, above. Under the
circumstances, I'm inclined to think that a proposed N-S highway corridor
through the UP might be a lot worse than this project.

Things I think we should push for -

1) Cleveland Cliffs is preparing a mitigation plan detailing how it will
replace the lost resources. My impression is that there isn't much evidence
indicating that wetlands mitigations are actually effective. Can they be
legally required to study their mitigation processes for 10-20 years (or
longer) to show that their actions are effective?

2) We need better overall regulation of mining operations - for instance,
for long-term cleanup of the area once the operation closes down. Any hope
of getting this through the legislature?

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