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Re: E-M:/ Biggest invisible environmental issue in Michigan

David Zaber wrote:
> Anne W. and others,
> Thanks for the update on mining.  It seems as if the DEQ (Destroy
> Environmental Quality?) has a blind spot when it comes to mining.  With
> the sickening situation described by Anne and the illegal and immoral
> refusal to immediately stop the toxic pollution in the Palmer Drain coming
> from a mining operation,  Russ Harding and his benefactor, John
> (fishin in a toilet) Engler and the other political hacks appear to be
> allowing the mining industry to do as they please.

Just as an additional detail in our fight against the pollution of
Palmer Drain and the desiccation of our wells in the process; four of us
from ICAG spoke with the Monroe County Drain Commissioner to remind him
of the quarry's violations against his own permit (which his agency
automatically hands out every year).  His response shook us:  the Soil
Erosion and Sedimentation Act of 1972 EXEMPTS mining operations from any
limitations other than keeping their access roads clean!!  I.e., the
dairy farmer, my husband, and I, who were sitting in that office, cannot
allow our livestock near the county drain for fear they may break down a
spot in the bank or take a dump in the water, but the billionares who
own the filthy quarry can send over 8 MILLION gallons of TOXIC water
rushing down the creek EVERY DAMNED DAY and be in complete compliance
with their permit.  

Hmmm.  That's IT ... why the term "permit" is used.  Michigan proudly
offers environmental "permits" to "permit" industries to do whatever the
hell they want with our environment that the rest of us cannot do. 
Sheesh, why didn't I see that until now ...

Wendy Tobler
Intercounty Citizens' Action Group

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