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E-M:/ Clean Air Cover-up

         Wed, 2 Apr 1997 15:22:06 -0600
         Doug LaFollette <dlafolle@IX.NETCOM.COM>
         Audubon discussion list <AUDUBON-CHAT@LIST.AUDUBON.ORG>

I guess this is business as usual, but it is still sad, Doug

 Polluters `Deep-Six' Internal Study
 Big polluters decided to "deep-six" an internal study that
 undercut one of their biggest arguments against proposed new clean air
 standards, according to an exclusive report in the current New Republic

 The polluters have maintained that the proposed soot and smog
 standards would be extremely costly.  But the polluter-commissioned
 study concluded that it would cost "zero" for the city of Pittsburgh
 to comply with the standards, the magazine reported.
 After getting the preliminary results, the polluters employed
 "standard tobacco-industry squelch tactics" and killed the study, the
 New Republic reported in its April 14, 1997 issue.
 The magazine published excerpts of internal memoranda from the
 Air Quality Standards Coalition, an umbrella group of big polluters
 that operates from within the National Association of Manufacturers.
 "In the notes of an October 6 meeting, one of the members, the
 American Iron and Steel Institute (AISI), commissioned a study in
 Pittsburgh on the cost of complying with the regulations, "the
 magazine reported.

 "In December, preliminary results came back showing the costs
 were zero.  "So let's deep-six them," said one member of the
 coalition, in a transcript of the meeting. [The results] Won't see
 the light of day," the magazine reported.

 The New Republic noted that "Bruce Steiner of AISI admits the
 institute canceled the study because "it gives a partial view."
 The New Republic article noted that the polluter coalition operates
 on the purest form of money-buys-access logic.  PACs associated the
 coalition gave $11.9 million to senators between 1991 and 1996.  The
 group has been trying to woo the National Governors' Association
 since its newly chosen chairman, Ohio Governor George Voinovich, came
 out against the proposed EPA ruling.  When that failed, it tried
 legal bribes.  "The NAM has to pony up more cash for the NGA," reads
 the notes of one attendant at a November 1 meeting."

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