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E-M:/ Wednesday environmental news

Today, Wednesday, 4/16,  there are two important stories in
state newspapers....

The Detroit Free Press has an article by Kate McKee and the
the Detroit News (by Jeremy Pearce) on the decision by 
U.S. EPA and Michigan DEQ to grant Wayne Disposal
a permit to dispose of PCB wastes at the Wayne Disposal
landfill next to I-94 in Belleville.  For the uninitiated, Wayne 
Disposal  is the only commercial hazardous waste landfill in 
Michigan which is owned, in part, by Michael Farantino Jr,
frequent campaign contributor.

The Detroit News also has an article critical of wilderness
designations, complete with Ted Nugent urging that we 
"tear down the walls to wilderness in North America"  
presumably so Bobby Unser (also mentioned in the 
article) can go snowmobiling  
in wilderness areas without getting busted.

Why can't Ted stick with heavy guitar licks, bowhunting, 
conservation, Fred Bear and "cat scratch fever" ???

[For Ted Nugent critics, you may want to check out
Wally Pleasant's rendition of "When Ted Nugent 
killed all the animals"  --- funny stuff....]


On another front, an unknown helpful bureaucrat sent a copy 
of a Russ Harding letter with the enforcement report letter
for the Air Quality Division that is required under revisions
to the Air Act a couple of years ago...

Here is some info from the letter....  you make up your
mind about what it means...

Info is for Fiscal 1996

Air Division received 1,444 complaints of air pollution

MDEQ AQD did 334 inspections at Title V sources
(generally larger facilities) and 671 at other sources.

MDEQ AQD sent 449 Letters of Violation

They filed 7 civil actions (civil litigation cases); and 0 criminal 
litigation actions.

They adopted only 10 consent orders with total civil penalties
of only $2,620,567.

There were 0 administrative penalty orders and 0 emergency orders.

There was only 1 contested case hearing.

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