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E-M:/ Housekeeping....

Here are some overall management messages I wanted to 
get out to the Enviro-Mich list and to reinforce:

1.   You must be a subscriber to post messages to Enviro-Mich

There recently has been a spate of messages that people not
subscribed to this list have wanted to post.  When someone
who is not subscribed to the list sends something to 
enviro-mich@igc.org it gets bounced to me and does not 
automatically go out, unlike the postings of subscribers which
automatically go out without me first seeing them.

This is done to ensure that all who post here cooperate
with the purposes of this list.... Michigan environmental
protection and conservation and citizen/political activity
in these areas.  It is also done to encourage multi-issue
orientation and appreciation on the part of Enviro-Mich
participants.  We're not just an outlet for someone else's
PR and outreach.  We want you informed and engaged
on the whole Michigan environmental/conservation scene.

Because this is a volunteer operation, I don't really have time
to deal with all of these misplaced/errant/orphan messages and
port them to the list.

Tell your friends and others that if they want to post items on 
Enviro-Mich and they want to be sure they'll be posted, they are 
going to have to subscribe to the list.   There is less than a  
40% chance that I will forward errant/orphaned/misplaced messages to the 
list, depending on my available time and my discretionary
response.   In the future, I'll probably be forwarding even fewer 
of these messages.

2.  Current vendor problems are causing delayed subscribes

Because of abuse of lists held by our vendor, IGC, which 
included attempted mass list subscribes and spam attacks
on lists maintained by IGC, they have altered their policies
in such a way so as to require that subscribers to enviro-mich
have to be approved by me, the Listowner.

Previously, anyone could immediately subscribe, and then 
they were on the list and could also immediately post.  Now,
please wait until you get a subscribe confirmation before you
attempt to post. (if you are telling someone else/ friends  about this).

For about the next month, until IGC changes their software, 
I am going to have to approve all subscribe requests.  This 
means that if you tell your friends about subscribing, and 
they send a subscribe message, it could be as much as
1-4 days before they are actually on the list and able to 
post, depending on the availability of my volunteer time,
or if I am even around.

This does not mean that I will be selective in allowing
subscribes....the policy has been that anyone who wants
on the list can get on as long as they abide by the rules....

[hey, even those chlorine dioxide loving guys from the 
paper industry-related Alliance for Environmental Technology
list exploder, who want to see what is said here, can get
on (they recently inquired...)]

3.  Vendor problems are causing delayed email transmissions

Just because you don't see your message show up immediately
doesn't mean it won't be transmitted.  Therefor, please do not 
send it again until you wait an interval.

On bad days, messages sent to Enviro-Mich can take up to 18 hours to 
transmit because of poor performance by our vendor and 
problems of getting email in and out of California.   Most times
messages get out within 2 hours, but this isn't always the 

A change in vendors to a Michigan server is on medium range

4. If your Internet provider repeatedly bounces Enviro-Mich 
    email back to me, you could be excommunicated.....

If I keep getting messages back on "fatal errors"  "no user
by that name"  "non-deliverable"  "could not be delivered"
from your Internet vendor in attempts to deliver Enviro-Mich
mail to you, I'll probably remove you from the list after 3-4 
days of getting tired of seeing these rejected messages.

People at pilot.msu.edu and aol.com seem especially 
vulnerable to this for some reason.

If you've stopped getting Enviro-Mich email and you've been
having email problems, please re-subscribe after you've
resolved such problems.

5.  Please observe some fundamental net-ettiquette....

Trim reply email only to what is needed understand the reply.

Replies to the entire list should potentially be of interest
to the entire list, otherwise reply only to the individual.
You must enter the address, enviro-mich@igc.org for your
reply to go to the entire list.

Particularly for long articles, please try to avoid having
poor wrapping of lines.  Stick with narrow columns and
short paragraphs, if at all possible.

It would be helpful to identify yourself with your actual name
in addition to your email address if you post messages.

6.  Long "To:" and "CC:"  fields in email messages 
     and email "redirects" choke distribution of postings

If you want to be sure your article is posted to Enviro-Mich, don't include 
a large list of email addresses in addition to enviro-mich@igc.org
Majordomo, the UNIX software that handles Enviro-Mich at our
vendor, will "choke" on long "To:" and "CC:"  fields, and your 
article will be bounced to me.   As noted above, I won't always
be available or have the time to port your message to the list.  So
please don't attempt to post to Enviro-Mich and many other 
email address at the same time.  Keep it simple to post successfully.

Also, please don't use the "redirect" feature of your email 
client software to post to Enviro-Mich.  All such attempts
are bounced to me, the Listowner, because it is not 
recognized that you are the subscriber to the list when
you attempt to post in that manner.  Majordomo apparently 
can't find that you are the subscribed you in this circumstance.

7.  Postings should be germaine to Enviro-Mich

Enviro-Mich is about Michigan environmental protection 
and conservation and citizen/political/scientific activity
relating to these issues.   Great Lakes news/issues
are explicitly included.

Postings concerning national/other environmental issues should reflect
a Michigan connection, such as...

....it is a problem in Michigan.
....there is citizen organizing activity on the national issue here in Michigan.
....Michigan elected officials are involved and they need to hear from
Michigan citizens.
....there are local affiliated national organization chapters who are 
    working the national issue here in Michigan.

So, to give examples....

An article relating to Paul Watson coming to UM's campus to speak 
is germaine to Enviro-Mich.

An article about Paul Watson in general getting busted in Norway, per se,
is NOT 

An article about a generic environmental issue with no connection apparent,
or demonstrated to Michigan is NOT germaine.

A blurb from a national environmental organization with a Michigan 
Affiliate on a national issue urging letters to Sens. Levin and Abraham
is germaine.

[When you are asking people to contact Michigan elected or appointed officials,
it is much more effective when your article includes the specific names,
phone, fax and email of such officials]

7.   No commercial messages

Messages on the sale of products and services are not
allowed on Enviro-Mich.

However, this prohibition  does not include messages about meetings, seminars
and conferences on environmental issues and conservation
where an admission fee is charged.... such messages
are allowed.

Your cooperation with the above points will be helpful in 
reducing the time overhead and increasing the effectiveness of the
Enviro-Mich list.


Alex Sagady, Volunteer               [Enviro-Mich Listowner]
Sierra Club, Mackinac Chapter  [Enviro-Mich's Sponsor]

Alex J. Sagady & Associates        Email:  asagady@sojourn.com
Environmental Consulting and Database Systems
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(517) 332-6971 (voice); (517) 332-8987 (fax)

ENVIRO-MICH:  Internet List and Forum for Michigan Environmental
and Conservation Issues and Michigan-based Citizen Action.

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