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E-M:/ Mining Convoy

This should be of interest to Michigan folks interested in Great Lakes
protection - note that the Mining Convoy will be passing through Escanaba
and Detroit. For more info contact Kira Henschel: (608) 231-9721 or

John Rebers
Central UP Sierra Club

MINING CONVOY:  The Mining Impact Coalition of WI announced Sunday that
a convoy made up of US, Canadian, and first nation citizens will travel
from Madison, WI to Toronto, Ontario to protest increasing mining
activity around the Great Lakes.  The convoy will leave Madison on 5/28
and arrive at Bolton, Ontario on 5/30 for the annual general meeting of
Great Lakes United.  For more info contact Kira Henschel: (608) 231-
9721 or goblinfern@aol.com.

Planned Iterary:
5/28      7 am     Rally in front of Crandon Mining Company HQ, Madison, WI
                         Leave Madison and other points throughout WI at 7:30
            10 am    Rhinelander, CMC HQ
            12 am    Crandon - Rally, lunch
                         	Leave for Escanaba (hope to tie up here with folks
				from White Pine and UP mining areas threatened by 				sulfide mining),
Sault Ste. Marie (arrive 6-7 p.m.)
             9 pm    Serpent River First Nation Reserve (ONT) overnight
(not confirmed 				at this point)

5/29       6 am    Sunrise ceremony, breakfast
             8-11 am   Tour of Elliott Lake mining district (Rio Algom)
             12         Lunch and leave for Sudbury ONT
              4 pm    Sudbury to Toronto
                         Overnight in Toronto area

5/30       8-10 am  Meet with local activists
             12 noon  Rally in front of Rio Algom's HQ
                           Proceed on to Bolton (1 hr nw of Toronto) for
				Great Lakes United
                           Annual General Meeting (focus on sulfide mining
				around the GL,
                           strategy to take to IJC in Sept.)

6/1        Return route through MI via Detroit - Chicago - Madison and rest
of WI

It would be great to connect up with MI activists - get more folks to join up
along the way!
Pls have anyone interested in helping contact me, Kira, at 608-231-9721 or
goblinfern@aol.com. Thanks so much. Could you post it on enviro-mich for me
and help spread the word.  Also, for more info on GLU's annual meeting and to
register, contact GLU@igc.org directly.
Again, thank you.

John Rebers
Department of Biology
1401 Presque Isle Avenues
Northern Michigan University
Marquette, MI  49855
906-227-1585 (office)
906-228-3617 (home)
906-227-2013 (FAX)
e-mail address: jrebers@nmu.edu
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