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Re: E-M:/ Wednesday environmental news

On Thu, 17 Apr 1997 rthomasjr@wmol.com wrote:

> Dear Mr. Zaber:
> If you would listen to all of what Ted Nugent talks about on the
> wilderness and hunting, you can see that he has done alot to improve the
> hunting of our Great Hunting State of Michigan. If we teach our children
> young to respect and control the great outdoors, we will have a much
> better land to live, in the future.
> R. Thomas  (a avid outdoorsmen and Michigan Hunter)


Dear Mr. Thomas,  Confusing the rantings of a wise-use gun nut with those 
of sportspeople  who want a clean environment to enjoy and use is
dangerous.  When folks like Nugent and his ilk lie about these issues, I
dont care what his motive is, he is doing a disservice to all of us.
However, I hope he keeps it up.  Nugents silly assertions, distortions
and lies make for some useful organizing tools for those of us who care
about the environment.  

Thanks for your comments.

Dave Zaber> 

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