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Re: E-M:/ DNR & Canada geese

I would be curious if anyone could speak to the ecological impacts of geese
populations.  I've been of the opinion that unnaturally high numbers of
canadian geese and a trend of becoming year long residents has caused
significant ecological impacts.  However, I have nothing to support this and
wondered if someone out there can make a good case for it.

I know here in MN, the DNR tried to do the same thing and were fought hard by
the animal rights groups.

Personally, I get a little nervous when we elevate the sanctity of an
individual animal over the sanctity of an ecological system.  Doing so, often
kills other animals in less visible ways through habitat modification,
predation, etc.  This is often the case with artificially high deer
populations eating a forest so much that it won't regenerate and species
dependent on a structurally complex and healthy forest can no longer live
there.  This is also the case when exotic species (like peoples cats and dogs
all over the world or pigs in Hawaii, for instance) prey on ground nesting
birds and other sensitive species.

Any info on the impacts of geese would be appreciated.

Michael Pressman
Minnesota Ecosystems Recovery Project

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