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Re: E-M:/ DNR & Canada geese

At 11:49 AM 4/17/97 -0400, LandMW4evr@aol.com wrote:
>I would be curious if anyone could speak to the ecological impacts of geese
>Personally, I get a little nervous when we elevate the sanctity of an
>individual animal over the sanctity of an ecological system.  Doing so, often
>kills other animals in less visible ways through habitat modification,
>predation, etc.  This is often the case with artificially high deer
>populations eating a forest so much that it won't regenerate and species
>dependent on a structurally complex and healthy forest can no longer live
>there.  This is also the case when exotic species (like peoples cats and dogs
>all over the world or pigs in Hawaii, for instance) prey on ground nesting
>birds and other sensitive species.
>Any info on the impacts of geese would be appreciated.

I am also interested in this issue.  In the Huron Watershed, we are working
on a Phosphorus/other nutrients/nonpoint pollutants reduction strategy.  One
source that has been mentioned time and again are all the waterfowl on our
golf courses and playing fields.  Then, I get my Humane Society newsletter,
which states that, "Some [geese control proponents] contend that geese are
polluting water sources, yet there is no evidence to support this claim.

I don't care about the odd person getting scared by protective geese.  I
worry about water quality and the aquatic ecosystem.

Does anyone have any good water quality data on this?

Kris Olsson

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