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E-M:/ Canada goose answers

Sagady asked:

< Is lead shot used??>  The established method for the geese is to herd
them with boats from the water  into pens on shore.  This is when there are
young and the parents are molting so they cannot fly.  They are then
separated--the adults to slaughter and the young to refuges or places where
they can be hunted (if of course they can survive without their parents.)

<Is there federal meat inspection of geese distributed in this way?>
According to John Hadidian, urban geese expert at HSUS, in a NY community
300 geese were slaughtered to be donated to food banks.  "Testing by the
USDA found that the goose meat was contaminated with high levels of lead,
feces and feathers".  The local zoo refused it also.  I would think
inspection would be required, but I don't know what the MI  DNR plans are.

<swimmer's itch being spread in part with a life cycle involving
geese....true or not?????>  NOT TRUE, and I am an expert on that topic.  I
initiated and actively participated in the first swimmers' itch research in
the state of MI (and the world for that matter) on Glen Lake with Dr.
Harvey Blankespoor of Hope College.  In our 8 years research we found the
itch parasite to be almost nonexistent in theCanada goose.  The waterfowl
contributing most significantly to the snail-duck cycle is the common
merganser.  The Canada goose is innocent here.  I have data to confirm

Others have asked about ecosystem damage.  According to John Hadidian in
the HSUS News for Spring '97:  "No study of the role of geese in urban or
suburban ecosystems has ever been conducted." It would seem to me that the
role of geese is the same as the feeding of ducks--if they're artificially
fed, you're putting nutrients into the environment,--if not, no net gain or

Seems to me there needs to be some research before plunging into killing.
Unfortunately, the DNR is not taking on more research--they're getting rid
of most of their wildlife biologists.

Goose Nugent--not the geese

Chris Anderlik
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