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E-M:/ Scrap Tire Fire

You may have heard about the scrap tire fire taking place near Evart in
Oceola County.  The fire was reported on April 16 at 2:00 am.  There is an
estimated 4,000,000 tires on site and the DEQ estimates that 1,000,000 to
2,000,000 tires are involved in the fire.

It is reported that Young Environmental, a private contractor, has contained
the fire and is using sand to suffocate it, (using water often creates
run-off problems).  The DEQ estimates that it will take 12 days to put out
the fire at an approxiamte cost of $2 million.  

The site, Schumacher's Salvage, is owned by Ken D. Schumacher who has
operated this unbonded, unregistered site for several years.  It is likely
that Osceola County will ask the State for a specific legislative
appropriation to cover the steep cost of fighting the fire. Schumacher's has
been a problem for DEQ for some time, and because of local zoning
inadequacies Osceola County may be responsible for firefighting costs.  

DEQ is monitoring local air quality and providing technical assistance.

Kerrin O'Brien
Executive Director
Michigan Recycling Coalition

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