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E-M:/ Activists at work

anyone who would like to know a little more of the activists use of video recording in particulate air
pollution or other environmental hazards you may want to visit this site.


By the way ,   Thank you Alex...    Brenda

Plants still needing focus in South West Detroit
Rouge Steel
Marathon Oil Refinery
Detroit Waste Water treatment plant incinerator stacks
Great lakes Steel
Edward Oil
Sibole Oil

Success  or should I say  Non-success Stories.
St Mary Peerless Cement Kiln- shut down

Detroit Coke Ovens- shut down

International Salt mine known as Crysal  Mines owned by Walt Tomyn former Mich and Wayne Disposal partner,
plan to store toxic and/or hazardous and/or low level radio active waste. never happened.. plan foiled----mine
is now collapsing and has water problems, In addition they are having to clean up tons of waste brought out of
the mine which contaminated the property, ate through the ground and ruptured an oil line at Marathon Oil
refinery. They are sticking the stuff back in the ground, we foiled the plans they had to sell it as road

Old haz waste ponds at Detroit Cold Rolled Steel Strip Mill.  This abandoned plant next to the salt mine Which
was discovered while cleaning up the salt mine property. contained pcbs. they had to clean it up.

Wayne soap, later bought by a larger meat packing company stunk for years, ----Shut down

The old Detroit Lime Company, A fellow wanted to convert it into a tire incinerator. It has no air pollution
control...  Plan foiled

Allen Park Clay Mine was purposed location of MI PCB site-  Plan foiled

Detroit Incinerator, from totally unregulated to at least some regulation and air control.

so on and so on, So many I can't remember them all. Have not given up, was just a little tired and  technique
has been refined. Although, I still think a lot of the old ways are better. Arthritis struck and could not lug
a 14 pound camera anymore, can't climb fences, poor vision means I can't see well in the dark either. Two
family income society doesn't leave people with much time for public demonstrations, and little apathy is left
for the poor and minorites because the problem has now moved out to the more privileged (We tried to tell
everyone this would happen!) My wish list..

1. A small 8mm camera, at least 24x with at least a 1sec still take option

2. night boniculars

3. environmental organizations who aren't afraid of being politcally incorrect

3. more friends like Alex Sagady ,who literally put his life and job on the line, with a sense of urgency and
who want to really go after these polluters.

4. Engler out of office


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