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E-M:/ Children's Playgrounds?

Dear E/M list:
        My concern is pressure treated wood used in decking, gardens,
There is a small town near me that is building a children's playground
all made out of pressure treated wood. I am wondering about the small
children crawling and playing on and around this wood which contains
(CCA) Copper, Chromium and Arsenic. Knowing that they are probably
ingesting these materials through their mouths and skin after coming in
contact with it, and knowing that it is dangerous, I believe this is one
of our biggest health concerns for young children.     
   Lead contamination through old lead-based paint (now banned), has
been known as one of the leading causes of lead poisoning in children,
should we now be concerned with the same thing in pressure treated wood?
         From Organic Gardening, April 1997 page 18: 
        "In addition to its ill-advised use in garden bed frames, we are
greatly concerned about CCA treated wood playground equipment. A 1990
U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission study of CCA wood playground
equipment revealed that simply touching CCA treated wood (even when it's
sealed) can easily get arsenic onto your skin."
        Check at your local lumber yard for the toxicity tags on each
piece of
treated material. The CCA treated wood is good if used for the right
thing, but should it be used for childrens playgrounds like they are
building all over the state of Michigan?  These playgrounds are now
alomst becoming a fad and "the thing to have".

                "The Village Idiot"

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