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>Date: Wed, 23 Apr 1997 14:36:37 GMT
>Subject: GL Bill Needs Cosponsors
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>Dear Friends of the Great Lakes,
>	Senator Glenn and Congressman LaTourette will hold a press conference 
>and introduce the Great Lakes Fish and Wildlife Restoration Act (GLFWRA) of
>on Friday, April 25.  The bill reauthorizes the Fish and Wildlife coordinating 
>offices in the region and sets up a state grants program to encourage 
>implementation of fish and wildlife restoration objectives.  The more original 
>co-sponsors the bill has, the better the chance that it will be taken
>and pass through the legislative process with relatively few problems.  
>	Currently GLTF members are slow to sign on since no one in their 
>districts has expressed much interest in the legislation. If you support the 
>effort, please contact your Representative and Senators to ask them to join 
>LaTourette and Glenn on this important bill AS SDOON AS POSSIBLE.  Sign-off by 
>THURSDAY afternoon would allow us to announce the cosponsorship at the press 
>conference. If you would like to have more information on the specifics of the 
>legislation, please contact Dale Burkhette of the FWS Region 3 office, or our 
>Great Lakes Task Force fellows: Sara Gottlieb in Mr. LaTourette's office 
>(202-225-5731) and Whitman Miller in Senator Glenn's office (202-224-0388). 
>	House members already signed onto the bill include: (LaTourette), 
>Oberstar, Elhers, Dingell, English, Stupak, Quinn, D. Davis, Rivers,
Kaptur, and 
>S. Brown.  Senate members already signed onto the bill include: (Glenn), Levin
>	Sara Gottlieb
>	Allegra Cangelosi

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