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Re: E-M:/ Children's Playgrounds?

Dear V.I.

I believe you are on target with your concerns about pressure treated
wood.  I have an alternative which I believe is much better.  Mobil Oil
Co. produces a 100% recycled product called "Trex" which is made of
sawdust and plastic grocery shopping bags.  While not suitable for
structural support, it contains poisonous chemicals that can be
transfered to those who handel it or come into contact with it. 
Additionally, it is guaranteed to last 50 years and the company says
they believe it will last for several hundred years!  It does not decay,
is insect proof, is non-slippery even when wet, and can be drilled,
nailed, screwed, etc. just like wood.  Further, it doesn't expand shrink
with weather changes like 100% recycled plastic products.  On the down
side, it is heavy and expensive... about the price of clear cedar or
twice the price of a good grade of treated lumber.  We now use it
extensively at Baker Sanctuary, and I know that the Binder Park Zoo in
Battle Creek has alos used it extensively.  Not every lumber yard
carries it, but I know that US Lumber does, and I believe that Snyder,
Snyder, and Steele, from Mason Michigan is the Michigan distributor.

You might advocate that any new playground equipment in your area use
this product for all their non structual portions.  When you factor in
the longevity of Trex, the cost becomes much less than the pressure
treated wood alternative and the non-toxic bennifits are obvious!  

Mike Boyce

The Village Idiot wrote:
> Dear E/M list:
>         My concern is pressure treated wood used in decking, gardens,
> etc.
> There is a small town near me that is building a children's playground
> all made out of pressure treated wood. I am wondering about the small
> children crawling and playing on and around this wood which contains
> (CCA) Copper, Chromium and Arsenic. <snip>

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