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E-M:/ Crucial Wetlands Hearing Approaching

     From:     Michigan & National Audubon Society's     

     Date:     April 24, 1997
     Congress Nears Critical Wetlands Hearing (April 29)
     The House Transportation and Infrastructure Subcommittee on Water 
     Resources and the Environment will hear testimony on April 29th on
     critical wetlands issues.  The first is the Army Corps of
     recent decision to rescind nationwide permit 26, which formerly 
     authorized the filling of up to ten acres of wetlands (the size of 
     over seven football fields!) without any public comment or
     environmental review.  The second is the recent Tulloch decision, 
     which struck down an EPA/Corps rule which formerly allowed the
     to control the widespread destruction of wetlands which occurred 
     through ditching and draining.  The Tulloch decision allowed
     who were unable to obtain a permit to fill a wetland a means to
circumvent the
     law by draining the wetland in question.  
     NWP 26 was responsible for the destruction of tens of thousands of 
     acres of wetlands nationwide and violated the Clean Water Act, the 
     Endangered Species Act and the National Environmental Policy Act. 
     effects of the Tulloch decision are already being seen in some
areas.  In the      words of Drew Caputo of the Natural Resources
Defense Council, "You'd
     be hard pressed to find a more egregious violation of the spirit of
     Clean Water Act." 
     If you are a concerned citizen or a wetlands activist, please
contact the               Michigan Representatives on the Subcommittee
(listed below) ASAP and urge them to       support the Corps' decision
on nationwide permit 26 and to support the need to          regulate the
destruction of wetlands through draining.  Time is running out!

     You may contact your Representative through the House Switchboard
     (202) 224-3121 or at 1-800-962-3524.  Faxes may be sent to the
Subcommittee at 
     (202) 226-5435.  The e-mail addresses of the Michigan
Representatives serving on        the Subcommittee and their
environmental legislative assistants are listed below.  
     (Chairman - Rep. Sherwood Boehlert (R-NY)- BOEHLERT@HR.HOUSE.GOV)
     (Vice-Chairman - Rep. John Thune (R-SD) - Sorry, no Email address
     Michigan Republican Representative: 
     Rep. Vernon Ehlers 1717 Longworth House 
     Office Building, Washington, DC 20510
     e-mail: rep.ehlers@mail.house.gov
        Cameron Wilson - environmental legislative assistant
     Michigan Democrat Representative:

     Rep. James Barcia  1410 Longworth House 
     Office Building, Washington, DC 20510
     e-mail: jbarcia@hrhouse.gov
        Kristen Valade Day - environmental legislative assistant

Thank you, 

    Mike Boyce
    Michigan Audubon Society
    Environmental Action Committee
    6011 West St. Joseph Hwy., Suite 403
    PO Box 80527
    Lansing, MI  48908-0527     
    (517) 886-9144 (MAS) - (616) 763-3377 (Baker Sanctuary)
    (517) 886-9466 (fax)
    e-mail: birder@voyager.net     

     Mac Blewer 
     National Audubon Society
     Wetlands Campaign
     1901 Pennsylvania Ave. NW
     Washington, DC 20006
     (202) 861-2242
     (202) 861-4290 (fax)
     e-mail: mblewer@audubon

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