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The Michigan Department of Natural Resources has submitted its final
application for a permit to kill Canada Geese to the US Fish and Wildlife
Service.  Their permit request is to relocate 12,000 Canada Geese (they have
relocated 43,000 since 1972 - now they are going to do a quarter of that
number in two years).  In addition, they are requesting a permit to kill
3,000 Canada Geese and feed them to the homeless.  They are also requesting
to destroy 4,500 eggs and "up to 50 additional geese will be used in
experiments to enhance effects of harrassment".  Attorney Edward Nahhat is
intervening to force the Michigan DNR and US Fish and Wildlife Service to
respect an agreement allowing public comment prior to the issuance of any

There is only a little time left to register objections to this plan.  The
summary below has been revised to include comments and questions since the
last notice.

You can make your voice heard in a short e mail letter which will go to
George Burgoyne, DNR Chief, Wildlife Division Michigan DNR; and to Steve
Wilds, Chief, Division of Migratory Bird Region 3 USFWS; and to Paul
Schmidt, Chief, Office of Migratory Bird Management, USFWS.    Note that my
e mail address is the fourth address. We are keeping a record of all e mails
and unless we have assurance that all e mails are being put into the public
record, we will provide a paper copy of your e mail to the DNR and USFWS

If you are sending e mail, use the following to direct your message:  TO:

burgoyng@wildlife.dnr.state.mi.us, steve_wilds@mail.fws.gov,
Paul_R_Schmidt@fws.gov, fan46@execpc.com, 

If you are sending a fax, please direct it to: George E. Burgoyne, Jr.,
Chief, Wildlife Division, PO Box 30444, Lansing, MI 48909-7944; TEL: (517)
373 1263; FAX: (517) 373 6705.

Send a copy to Mr. Steve Wilds, USFWS, One Federal Way, Fort Snelling, MN
55111-4056 TEL: (612) 725 3313 FAX: (612) 725 3013

Send a copy to Mr. Paul R. Schmidt, USFWS, 4401 N. Fairfax Drive, Arlington,
VA 22203  TEL: (703)  358 1714  FAX:(703) 358 2217.
Send a copy to Coalition to Protect Canada Geese, PO Box 8254 Oshkosh, WI
54903; FAX: (414) 235 2285

People wishing to make a statement to the Natural Resources Commission (NRC)
at its May 7, 1997 meeting should contact Ms. Teresa Gloden, NRC Secretary
at 517 373 2352.  Wherever possible, send us a copy of your comments
(details on signature).


1.  The DNR wants to kill 3,000 Canada Geese in urban areas of Michigan and
relocate anothe 12,000 around the state.  Orphan goslings (before they learn
to fly) are relocated to become "stock" for new populations in public and
private hunting areas (a "canned hunt").

2.  The DNR alleges that there are health hazards due to goose feces.  There
is no known health problem in the scientific literature from goose feces.
The Michigan DNR attempted to claim that "swimmers' itch" was a condition
attributable to the geese last year, but citizens challenged that for lack
of evidence and the DNR stopped arguing that this was a condition worthy of
a slaughter.   Beach closings are cited in the current Michigan proposal as
justification for the killing, but the Michigan DNR admits they have no
evidence in their files to support the relationship between the beach
closings and goose feces.  (In fact in Illinois and Missouri, such
assertions led to the discovery that the high e coli count in the water  was
due to septic tanks and community waste water facilities.)

3.  The real health hazard is feeding Canada Geese to the poor.  Dr. Warren
Porter, University of Wisconsin Professor of Environmental Toxicology, has
said that this is not a good idea because of potentially high body burden of
toxic chemicals in some Canada Geese from consuming our toxic laden golf
course grass and feeding from our industrial sites.  The consumption of
Canada Geese could result in neurological, reproductive and developmental
effects, cancer and unknown effects in human fetuses.

4.  The DNR says they want to kill the geese because 11 people were attacked
by nesting geese.  Everyone knows you do not bother a mother protecting her

5.  The DNR says they want to stop air traffic accidents due to Canada
Geese.   All safety problems at airports can be taken care of without this
goose kill.

6.  The DNR has not done anything of any consequence to assist people who do
not want geese on their property although many measures are available
(modification of the environment, hazing early before the geese lay their
eggs, kites, plastic alligators in ponds, etc.)  However, the Michigan DNR
has relocated 43,000 geese since the 1970s - something they admit may have
contributed to the present situation of large numbers of Canada Geese in
urban areas.
7.  There is no evidence provided by the authorities that the slaughter will
rid urban lawns of geese.  Dr. Jim Cooper, master goose killer, has refused
to provide the Coalition with documentation of his assertions of success in
A question has been raised about the possible contribution to eutrophication
of lakes due to Canada Goose feces, but no one has brought forth any
evidence to date. 

        -- The feces of many animals, including humans are in lakes  
        -- Geese eat some of the vegetation in the lakes, possibly a
beneficial factor
        -- Cows, pigs and other feces and agriculture fertilizer is a much
larger factor

THe USFWS and the DNRs have claimed no Environmental Impact Statement is
necessary. But while bird by bird and pond by pond, there may be no
significant environmental impact, the thirty year breeding of geese and the
continuous propagation efforts through Pittman Robertson funds  (tax on
ammunition and guns, including Saturday Night Specials) have left
communities with geese in their back yard.  The massive relocations from the
midwest to Kansas have left Kansas with "too many geese" for their taste.
The slaughter and the introduction of neighborhood hunting seasons (see
Smithville, MO and other communities) will have little impact except to
introduce yearly annual violence in our neighborhoods and the diminishing of
the respect for animals.  The feeding of geese to the poor (as well as
hunters) has a risk of long term damage of neurological, developmental,
mutagenic and other impacts, not to mention the more immediate potential of
harm to fetuses.

This is a matter of environmental justice...for all.


Ann S. Frisch
Coalition to Protect Canada Geese
PO Box 8254
Oshkosh, Wisconsin 54903
(414) 235 2185 TEL
(414) 235 2285 FAX
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