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Re: E-M:/ DEQ at work

Could be that FINALLY someone in state government is paying attention to
the regulations that require consent from all affected riparians, notice,
and adequate distance from residential wells.  In addition, all the
informatoin that I've read/collected over the past 19 years tells me that
putting 2,4-D into our aquatic systems that we intend to use for fishing,
irrigation, total body immersion (swimming), and a variety of other
activities is as dumb as putting fertilizers right up to the waters edge,
continuing to use inefficient and leaking septic systems and drain fields,
and allowing other nutrients to get into the lake and then complaining
about a weed problem!

Time to address the causes, not continuing to pay herbicide applicators to
spread poisons in our lakes.  One of the problems with the use of aquatic
herbicides is that you continually feed that huge compost bed you've
created in the bottom of the lake from rotting weeds and then you are
hooked on the "treatments" because the problem won't go away.

It's ironic that the Michigan Lake and Streams Association talks about the
preservation of riparian ecosystems, but carries advertising from herbicide
applicators and sales companies in their journal.

Anyone with a real interest in the impacts of 2,4-D use in lakes should
contact Gary Harris at 9770 County Line Road, Buckley, MI  49620.  Gary has
been collecting information and compiling fact sheets on the aquatic use of
2,4-D for the past ten years.


Ann Hunt
Citizens for Alternatives to Chemical Contamination
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Lake, MI  48632-9511
phone/fax 517-544-3318
email <huntan@pilot.msu.edu>

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