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E-M:/ Geese & the Guv:Hope They Will Be Around and He Will Migrate

Thanks to Chris and the Wisconsin Geese Lovers for giving my 55 fourth 
graders a nice Earth Week Project.  We have now written letters and sent
copies to the 3 people mentioned who hold the firepower over the beloved
(and manytimes objects of verse and brush) Canda Geese.  Here are two

Dear Mr. Burgoyne, Jr.
   I want you to stop killing geese.  Geese only eat grass and water.
They come to our state from very far away.  They fly in a V-shape over
my house in Detroit!  They can't tell the difference between Michigan 
and Canada.  They do not try to harm you.  Geese are one of the friendliest
animals alive.  They eat only plants.  It is wrong to kill the geese.  You
should Love the geese.

    I love the geese.  They love to drink blue water.  Please stop killng
the geese, please.
     Sincerely, Dante

     Dear Mr. Burgoyne, Jr.,
     Why are you going to kill the geese?  They don't want to hurt anyone.
Maybe you can make more habitat for them, because they want to make their
nesting ground on a golf course.  They come to Michigan to have their
babies.  If we don't help them who will?  Their babies are called goslings
and the parents live together for life. Now what if you kill the female,
what is the male going to do?

     Think about it.  You wouldn't want anyone after you or your family. 
I don't even know you and I wouldn't even want anyone after you.

      I love the geese and it is a beautiful sight to see them.
Please think about it Mr. Burgoynes.   From, Janice.

Does anyone have the address so I can also send these copies to Teresa
Gloden the NRC Secretary.  Maybe the Commission should listen to the 
children.  Thanks for your time.  Pamela S.

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