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>Date: Fri, 25 Apr 1997 15:21:09 -0700
>From: Ruby Rahn <rubyr@slip.net>
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>Subject: Re:  March on Dow Chemical
>Dow Chemical will be 100 years old on March 18, 1997.  For Dow
>Chemical's centennial celebration ImPart, Inc. is organizing a march
>on the Dow Chemical plant in Pittsburgh, California.  We have joined
>forces with Greenpeace, Toxic Links Coalition, Pesticide Action
>Network, the Vietnam Vets and the Women's Cancer Network
>here in the Bay Area.  We would like to invite everyone to participate
>in an afternoon of information and actiism.  Please see attachment
>for our flyer.  Please print and distribute.
>When:    Saturday, May 17, 1997
>Where:   The Dow Chemical Plant, Pittsburgh, California
>Time:      12:00 pm
>Directions:   In the San Francisco bay area go North on I-80,
>                    take Highway 4 turnoff (East) to Loverage Road exit.
>                    Go straight on Loverage to the end.
>Bring your friends and families, signs, posters and handouts.
>ImPart, Inc. (IMplant PARTners) is a nonprofit corporation located
>in the San Francisco Bay Area in partnership with families
>affected by breast implants.
>For more information contact:   ImPart, Inc.
>                                                3377 Deer Valley Road
>                                                P.O. Box 174
>                                                Antioch, CA  94509
>                                                Diane Stevens:  510.  798-3709
>                                                Ruby Rahn:  415.  437-9160
>      B o y c o t t   D o w
>  -  Dow Chemical is number two in chemical sales in the U.S.
>  -  Headquarters: Midland, Michigan, U.S.A.
>  -  Employees: 68,000 approx.
>  -  Annual sales: $20 billion.
>Dow, the manufacturer of Napalm and Agent Orange during the Vietnam War,
>and now the target of a billion dollars worth of lawsuits over their highly
>destructive silicone breast implants, is partners with the drug firm Ely
>Lilly in
>Dow Elanco, a spinoff company that is the largest producer of insecticides and
>fungicides in the U.S.
>Dow must have a magnetic attraction for severe defoliants.  Having distanced
>itself from Agent Orange “ its partner Lilly now makes Tebuthiuron, an
>that kills soil so that no plants can grow on it in the future.  Sounds
>like a weapon
>of war.
>Of course Dow also tries to distance itself from dioxin (contained in itºs
>era Agent Orange), but Greenpeace reports that hugely produced chlorine based
>Dow products “ pesticides, solvents and PVC plastics “ are the single largest
>source in the world of dioxin today.
>Dow owns Marion Merrell Dow (MMD), a major pharmaceutical house.  Like
>all drug companies, whether you know it or not, the commercial output of
>MMD is chillingly toxic.  Let's start there.
>E x a m p l e s :
>MMD's vaginal suppository AVC cream is used to treat candida albicans.
>The PDR states that there is no data available on the long term potential of
>AVR for causing cancer or birth defects, but "deaths associated with
>administration of oral sulfonamides (such as AVC) have reportedly occurred
>form hypersensitivity reactions, agranulocytosis, a plastic anemia and other
>blood discrasias." . . . Comforting.
> Bentyl, Dow's drug for irritable bowel syndrome, also has in the PDR listing
>"no known data" for long term potential carcinogenicity or birth defects, but
>"psychosis has been reported in sensitive individuals."  There are also, the
>PDR says, reports of deaths from respiratory collapse.
>Cardizem, the Dow drug for hypertension and angina, carries the PDR caution:
>"Worsening of congestive heart failure has been reported in patients with
>pre-existing impairment of ventricular function."
>Nothing could prepare a sane person for the PDR's description of Dow's
>Clomid, a drug that attempts to produce ovulatory stimulation so that
>pregnancy can occur in women for whom that would otherwise be unlikely.
>Here is a partial list of Clomid's post-marketing adverse effects:
> -   seizure
> -   stroke
> -   psychosis
> -   cataracts
> -   posterior vitreous detachment
> -   hepatitis
> -   liver and breast and pituitary and ovarian
>     and kidney and tongue and bladder cancer
> -   brain abscess
> -   tubal pregnancy
> -   uterine hemorrhage
> -   ovarian hemorrhage
> -   arrhythmia
> -   tachycardia
>In the babies born to the mothers taking Clomid, there have occurred:
> -    neuroectodermal tumor
> -    thyroid tumor
> -    leukemia
> -    abnormal bone development including skeletal malformations of the skull,
>       face, nasal passages, jaw, hand, limb and foot joints
> -    malformations of the anus, eye, lens, ear, lung, heart and genitalia
> -    dwarfism
> -    deafness
> -    mental retardation
> -    chromosomal disorders
> -    neural tube defects
>Lorelco, Dow's drug aimed at lowering cholesterol, has this ominous PDR
>females should be warned not to become pregnant for at least six months after
>discontinuing Lorelco.  Lorelco's adverse effects:
> -    gastrointestinal bleeding
> -    vomiting
> -    low hemoglobin
> -    fetid sweat
> -    impotency
> -    anorexia
> -    diminished sense of taste and smell.
>Dow makes Norpramin, an antidepressant. The PDR states:  "It is important that
>this drug be dispensed in the least possible quantities to depressed
>since suicide has been accomplished with this class of drug."
>Some of the effects of Norpramin are:
> -    both elevating and lowering of blood sugar levels
> -    heart block, myocardial infarction, stroke
> -    sudden death
> -    hallucinations, delusions
> -    tremors, ataxia, peripheral neuropathy, seizures
> -    dilation of urinary tract
> -    bone marrow depression
> -    vomiting, black tongue, hepatitis
> -    impotence, painful ejaculation, testicular swelling
> -    weight gain or loss.
>(Note: In these drug summaries I don't even bother to comment about the
>uniform unworkability of the drugs on the causes of the illnesses for which
>they are prescribed, nor will I comment on a further danger: the effects of
>combining several drugs at once.  Nor on the fact that OTHER non-toxic
>remedies and approaches to health would eliminate the need for these drugs
>and their poisonous effects.)
>        Dow makes Rifadin, a "semi-synthetic" antibiotic for the treatment of
>tuberculosis. The PDR comments,  "Rifadin has been shown to produce liver
>dysfunction.  Fatalities associated with jaundice have occurred in
>patients with
>(previous) liver disease."  The PDR further issues a bizarre warning “ "Rifadin
>can cause the urine, feces, saliva, sputum, sweat, and tears to turn
>"  Permanent discoloration of soft contact lenses may occur."
>        The suggested Rifadin dosage for people with TB is 600mg a day for
>six to
>nine months.  Yet the PDR gives this warning:  "High doses of Rifadin greater
>than 600mg given once or twice a week have resulted in high incidence of
>reactions, including leukopenia (abnormal decrease in white blood corpuscles),
>thrombocytopenia (abnormal decrease in blood platelets), acute hemolytic
>shock, renal failure."  Among Rifadin's other adverse effects are
>anorexia, vomiting
>and menstrual disturbances.
>I have tried in listing adverse effects to avoid dipping into the explicit
>PDR category
>"rare" and the category; "has been found to occur in less that 1% of
>people taking
>drug and vanishes upon discontinuing drug."  That leaves the open categories of
>"general adverse effects" or  "we don't really know how many people on the drug
>suffer from these effects" or the "these effects are reported to occur
>after drug is
>marketed to the public and there is no way to prove the effects ar caused
>by the
>drug."  I have relied for the most part on these three last categories.
>Dow and Ely Lilly and Company of Indianapolis are partners in a corporation
>called Dow Elanco, one of the largest producers of agricultural chemicals
>in the
>world.  As a 40 percent partner Lilly falls within the purview of Dow and so I
>have justifiably include its drug products under the umbrella of Dow in
>this section.
>Lilly manufactures Heparin sodium (derived form the intestinal mucosa of
>pigs), a
>blood anticoagulant used to prevent clotting.  Says the PDR, "hemorrhage
>can occur
>at virtually any site in patients receiving Heparin.  Patients on the drug
>can develop
>an "irreversible aggregation of (blood) platelets . . (which) may lead to
>gangrene of
>the extremities ..  (and) amputation, myocardial infarction, pulmonary
>stroke and possibly death."
>Lilly's Nalfon is an NSAID for (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug).
>Every year in
>the U.S. seven to eight thousand people die from the administration of NSAIDs
>and between 70,000 to 80,000 are hospitalized from their use.
>Lilly's Prozac is the wildly popular "in" anti-depressant of the moment.
>Prior to its
>release, it was never tested on humans for longer than thirteen weeks.
>Prozac has
>been associated with suicidal and murderous behavior, and the dampening of
>desire. Its other effects include insomnia, anxiety, and anorexia (in nine
>percent (9%)
>of the patients in clinical trials).  Fifteen percent of the 4,000
>patients who received
>Prozac in pre-release clinical trials discontinued treatment due to "an
>adverse event."
>Diethylstilbestrol, a Lilly drug, is a synthetic estrogenic substance used
>for breast
>cancer and prostate cancer (as a palliative only). The PDR states,
>"Warning: Use of
>estrogens has been reported to increase the risk of endomerial carcinoma
>should not be used during pregnancy It's use may cause severe harm to the
>More PDR quotes on this drug:
>   -    "A recent study reported a two to threefold increase in the risk
>of gall bladder
>         disease occurring in women receiving post-menstrual estrogen
>therapy . . . "
>   -     "In a large prospective clinical trial in men, large doses of
>estrogen . . . comparable
>         to those used to treat cancer of the prostrate . . . have been
>shown to increase
>         the risk of non-fatal myocardial infarction, pulmonary embolism.
>. . " Adverse
>         reactions to diethylstilbestrol include breakthrough bleeding,
>spotting and change
>         in menstrual flow; vomiting; cholestatic jaundice; hemorrhagic
>skin eruption; corneal
>         curvature; and migraines.
>All these effects for a cancer treatment that is admittedly only a palliative?
>(Note:  The January 28, 1994, Congressional Quarterly in its report, Regulating
>Pesticides, points out that pollutants in the environment are being found
>to contain
>estrogenic substances.  And that several researchers have linked exposure to
>estrogens with cancer, including breast cancer. (Now read the above section the
>drug diethlystilbestrol again and if you mind isn't completely blown,
>check your
>breath on a mirror.)
>        The above list and description of medical drugs is certainly not
>meant to be all-
>inclusive vis-a-vis Dow.  It is just a bitter sample.  If you find
>yourself saying,
>"Well, even if these drugs have some horrible effects, the doctors who
>them must know what they're doing", consider that once people said exactly that
>about the U.S. corporations who were busy spilling poisonous chemicals into the
>rivers of this land.  "They must know what they're doing. They would never
>. . .
>" But they did.  And these corporations are manufacturing the kinds of
>medical drugs
>I've just been describing AND the industrial chemicals AND the pesticides.
>W a k e   u p   a n d   s m e l l   t h e   p o i s o n s ! ! !
>Who could present a complete and specific portrait of Dow's yearly industrial
>wastes?  Inform, Inc. (New York City) has done an analysis of quantity in
>its Toxics
>Watch 1995 report.  It culls the top twenty corporations from a total of
>10,840 parent
>companies in the U.S. Dow ranks sixth in "production-related toxic
>chemical wastes,
>carcinogens and ozone depleting chemicals."  How many pounds of waste are we
>talking about defecated by Dow into the world?   517.5 million pounds for 1992!
>Half a billion pounds !
>Susan Cooper of the National Coalition Against the Misuse of Pesticides names
>Dow's pesticide Dursban as a serious creator of health problems:  Nausea, head-
>aches, behavioral changes in children. She told the Multinational Monitor
>that at least
>one out of every two phone calls that her office takes about pesticide
>concerns Dursban.  The Pesticide Action Network states that Dow produced
>or sold
>three pesticides on their "Dirty Dozen" list before 1980. One of these
>DBCP, ordered
>to be phased out by the EPA, now shows up being sold by Dow to the Dole
>Corporation, which has used it on its banana plantations in Costa Rica.  DBCP
>contaminated ground water for several thousand square miles in the California
>central valley and caused sterility in agricultural workers.
>Four other Dow agricultural chemicals, Gallant, Verdict, Gauntlet, and
>Tridal, banned
>by the EPA, have shown up in Africa, Latin America, Central America, Asia
>and Europe.
>Beyond the products mentioned so far, what to boycott made by Dow?
>  -  Styrofoam labeled plastic products, agricultural herbicides (Starane,
>Spike, Treflan),
>  -  The soil fumigant Telone, and two insecticides, Dursban and Lorsban.
>  -  It makes over-the-counter drugs: Norhistamine (cough), Cepacol, Gly-Oxide
>     (antiseptic),Cepastat lozenges, Citrucel laxative, Delbrox (ear
>care), Gaviscon
>     (antacid), the calcium supplement Os-Cal.
>Household products include:
>  -   Ziploc Bags, Fantastik Cleaner, Handi-Wrap, Saran Wrap,
>  -  Spray 'N Wash, Dow Bathroom Cleaner, Glass Plus Multi-Surface Cleaner,
>  -  Smart Scrub, Ultra Yes laundry detergent, Vivid bleach and Style & Perma

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