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E-M:/ Canada Geese

This is a forward from another net showing how the lack of ecological
perspective leads us to try to solve a problem one at at time, just as we
are trying to do with the Canada Geese.  The adherents of the goose kills
cite lack of predators as one of the causes of "too many geese".  Yet, the
geese continue to be stocked, fed, nest protected and predators trapped
(yes, steel jaw traps).  So although that is the source of the present
difficulties for some people, no one wants to discuss stopping the problem
at the front end.  Ann

>Subject: Maryland's Snappers Need Your help
>Hate to bother you again, but it seems that the effort to save reptiles never
>Maryland's House of Representatives has just passed a law that will open up
>the state to exploitation of snappers on a very large scale.  The law, House
>Bill 672 will allow people to set trap lines to catch snappers.  The reason
>is because one of the House member's constituents is complaining about
>snappers in his pond eating all his ducklings. 
>This I believe is wrong because:
>- Snapper's are not the major cause of duckling mortality. I'm told by
>fisherman large mouth bass are.
>- That even so the few they take help keep duck and geese populations down,
>so they don't reach the disastrous level we have in the Northeast. They pass
>a law now for snappers in ten years they will be passing a law to get rid of
>ducks, geese, swans and their feces off golf courses, corporate and private
>lawns. I can see Tiger Woods trying to get out of feces trap in the near
>future, how many shots will that take? Great images for prime time TV and
>-This law ignores the basic ecological role snappers play in a water-body's
>ecology.  That of an opportunist omnivore who mostly eats plants, insects,
>- That the new trade of snappers to oriental countries will put undue
>pressure on Maryland trappers to catch as many as possible. Which is now
>happening with Florida softshells. 
>- Though the law says this can only happen on private property, in Florida
>people are running all over private property to trap softshells. (Money talks
>louder than laws).
>- That this sets a bad precedent that ducks are worth more than snappers.
>(And we all know why.  Snappers are ugly, mud dwelling scavengers that eat
>cute, charismatic animals). 
>-And of course that the law is inhumane because a snapper will fight to get
>the hook out of his mouth, ripping the cord, and slowly dying with the hook
>in its mouth. Or ripping the hook out of its mouth and dying from the
>infection.  Or slowly dying from drowning.
>-If you're representing a Maryland organization please say that and mention
>how many people are in the organization.
>- Mention in your letter the number of the bill --House Bill 672.
>The bill is now on the Governor's desk for signing. It is opposed by the
>state's own Fish & Wildlife Service.
>I can fax a copy of the law upon request.
>Send by fax to 410-974-3275
>Feel free to adapt the following letter to your needs. 
>The Hon. Parris Glendening
>Governor of Maryland
>State House
>100 State Circle
>Annapolis, MD 21401
>Dear Governor Glendening:
>Please veto House Bill 672, which allows the catching of snapping turtles in
>duck nesting areas by hook and line.
>Catching turtles by hook and line is brutally inhumane.  Under normal
>conditions, these animals may remain submerged for four to six hours or
>longer without surfacing for air.  Snapping turtles caught on the large hooks
>permitted under this bill will struggle in pain and fear for hours before
>they drown.
>Aside from considerations of the brutality of catching snapping turtles by
>hook and line, the legislation is regressive, It in essence classifies
>snapping turtles as "bad" wildlife, and the ducklings the bill is aimed at
>protecting as "good," Such attitudes have no place in modern wildlife
>management Moreover, most duck populations have increased dramatically in
>recent years; the (U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the states (including
>Maryland) are generally increasing duck bag limits and season lengths in
>Clearly there is no biological need to ease restrictions on snapping turtle
>regulations, thereby encouraging higher kills, an the basis of prey species
>protection.  Therefore, we strongly urge you to veto this legislation and
>prevent many snapping turtles from a cruel and inhumane death.
>Yours truly,
>Thanks for your help.
>Allen Salzberg
>NY Turtle & Tortoise Society
Ann S. Frisch
Coalition to Protect Canada Geese
PO Box 8254
Oshkosh, Wisconsin 54903
(414) 235 2185 TEL
(414) 235 2285 FAX
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