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E-M:/ Re: Backyard Eco

   Friends in the Eco Community,
   This is an unpaid environmental advertisement: I want to put in a plug
for CACC's Backyard Eco '97.
   Backyard Eco, held this year at the Mystic Lake YMCA Camp, is a wonderful
opportunity to network with like minds, share info, and get re-energized.
   Annie Hunt, and the CACC team, do a terrific job organizing the three
days, and it is one of the few events truly enjoyed by children, and where
children's talents are worked with and acknowledged.
   Also, you're outside.  Diane Hebert (Midland activist) and I, working
Midland's EarthExpo (over 2,000 attended) were talking about how cut off
from the great 'outside' most of us are -- we don't know what the
temperature is unless the thermostat clicks on.  Not at Backyard Eco --
you're outside.  It is simply amazing what sitting by Mystic Lake, or under
a pine can do for your spirit.
   This year's theme: Building Alliances & Crafting Strategies to Redefine
Corporate American, couldn't be more appropriate.  With books like Greider's
"One World, Ready or Not" and Kuttner's "Everything for Sale" leading the
way, we need more dialogue on the implications of the global economy and
environmental protection.
  I could go on, but I appreciate short postings as well as the next person.
If you haven't got a flyer on Backyard Eco, go right to the source
                             Terry Miller, Lone Tree Council 

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