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London Aggregates Pollution Update

Water pollution from the london aggregates facility in Willis, MI
continues to destroy aquatic life in Stony Creek, a tributary to Lake
Erie.  Despite years of pollution, DEQ Director Russell Harding's agency
is once again asking for data pertaining to the mining going on in the
southeastern section of the state and the water pollution and well
destruction caused by it.  Michigan Conservation Action Network is once
again calling on Governor Engler to stop this illegal pollution of our
Great Lakes watersheds.  

"The data are clear, Palmer drain is dead, Stony creek is threatened and
private property rights are being violated by the draining of important
groundwater reserves in the area." said David Zaber, MCAN Director. The
only things found alive in the polluted stream were one species of
pollution-tolerant worm and one species of plant.  Similar streams in the
area contained a variety of organisms including several indicative of
colder streams more often found in northern portions of the state.  
Mr. Harding's DEQ should immediately shut down this pollution source,
which has been operating without a permit since October, 1996. 



The silence has been deafening regarding my call for a public debate on
the merits and demerits of logging on state forest lands.  Likewise, one
could hear a pin drop when I asked the first questions about Stony Creek
and the london aggregates situation on this email list.  Isn't there
anyone out there in the
DNR or DEQ that wants to defend those two agencies' actions on the ground
or in the water?  There must be someone who believes the agency has done
the right thing in these two instances.  

Thanks, however, to the many folks both in and out of
DEQ and DNR who emailed me back with the good suggestions about how to
deal with the palmer drain situation.  Its good to know that there are
still committed folks in state government and out who are also concerned
about the policies and effects of John Engler's ongoing assult on
Michigan's environmental protection laws.  

However, the fault also lies
with the foresters on the ground in our State Forests.  Why won't the
seasoned professionals who are responsible for the sorry state of our
forests back up their work?  All I have heard is that we should have $10
million in the budget rather than the $5 million for new roads in state
forests called for by Engler.  Why? Because if they were not built, we
would have fires from lake to lake or so the "logic" went from a former
DNR bigwig. Sounds like a pretty clear indictment of past forest
"management" in the state.  

Dave Zaber

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