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Human and Environment Health Testing Using Human Cells

Khosrow Adeli & Doug Haffner
Great Lakes Institute for Environmental Research
University of Windsor

The biotoxicology laboratory at the Great Lakes Institute for Environmental
Research (GLIER) of the University of Windsor has recently developed new
methods for assessing the effects of environmental pollutants on human
health.  The system is based on the use of human liver cells grown in the
laboratory.  Four tests have been developed using human cells which allow
the assessment of both short term as well as long term potential for
toxicity (such as the potential to cause cancer in humans).  The tests can
be used to examine the potential toxicity of a variety of environemtnal
chemicals found in air, water, soild, sediments, and other samples.
Potential applications for these tests are in the areas of environmental
health, occupational health, as well as food and pharmaceutical industries.
The ongoing research at GLIER is focused on the development of further
toxicity tests to complement those that have already been developed.

For further information call GLIER at the University of Windsor
253-4232 x 2732 or 3449
Rick Coronado
Citizens Environment Alliance of SW Ontario 
or 519-253-4232 x 4521

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