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E-M:/ Ground Water Contamination

Enviro-Mich message from The Village Idiot <civildee@netonecom.net>

To the list,
 Can someone explain to me why someone can dump in country road ditches,
trash bags that contain paint thinner, old used oil, pesticide bottles,
gasoline used for cleaning brushes, garbage, trash, household refuse
including utility bills with their own name, address and phone number on
it, and get away with it. In order for these people to be held
responsible for it, or prosecuted for illegal dumping, there has to be a
law enforcement officer present at the time and actually see the person
doing it. 
      Why can't a law be introduced and passed to be able to have these
persons held responsible for or fined heavily for disposing of trash in
this manner. 
        We yell so much about pollution from so many things, this is
that we CAN do something about. Has anyone ever seen the trash and
garbage that is dumped in our state forests and along our rural roads?
If you have, stop and check for names and addreses in this trash, and
see what YOU can do, and you won't be able to do a  xx!!!!!xx!!!!!xx
        This has happened down the road from me, and I have tried to get
something done about it, with no success. The guy that put it there just
laughed and saved himself a trash collection bill. And I cleaned up the
mess to keep it out of my water table.
                      "The Village Idiot"

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