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Re: E-M:/ Support of Nongame Wildlife

Enviro-Mich message from anne.woiwode@sfsierra.sierraclub.org

There is a Michigan group working on trying to get support in state to pass
the federal legislation that will establish "Teaming with Wildlife" -- the
contact for this effort is Ray Rustem, in the Wildlife Division of DNR.  You
can reach Ray at (517) 373-1263.  

Just an additional note -- the funding that is made available through Pittman
Robertson and other federally established taxes on hunting and fishing
equipment is for ALL species, not just for game species.  This shouldn't be
surprising because true conservationists are concerned about all species, and
these programs were clearly intended to provide for healthy habitat and
diverse wildlife and ecosystems.  Unfortunately, over the years the shorthand
and assumptions about what these programs are intended for has led to
misunderstanding and misapplication of the funds.  Nonetheless, the Teaming
with Wildlife proposal is a welcome effort to secure additional funds for
significantly underfunded programs!!  

Anne Woiwode

I am glad to hear of the "Teaming with Wildlife" program to put small tax
on outdoor equipment and supplies, to support nongame species.  I think
most outdoor enthusiasts who are not hunters would be happy to support the
environment with their dollars as well as their voices, but simply have
not had a simple mechanism for doing this.  Does anyone have specific
information on whom to contact to get this program going?

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