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E-M:/ Air Standards letter

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Date: Mon, 12 May 1997 16:14:37 -0500
To: enviro-mich@great-lakes.net
From: ecaa@igc.org (Ecology Center of Ann Arbor)
Subject: Congressional List - Air Standards

Note the Michigan signers: Dingell, Stupak, Barcia, Kilpatrick, Bonior,
Kildee and S. Levin.  They need to hear from us.
>Subject: Congressional List - Air Standards
>Congressional Letter-Signers -- Air Quality Standards
>     This is the list of Democratic Representatives (mostly Midwestern
>and "Blue Dogs")
>who have signed on to Congressional "Dear Colleague" letters opposed to
>strengthening of the National Ambient Air Quality Standards for ozone
>and particulate air
>pollution. These safeguards would significantly benefit the public
>health of all Americans. If
>your Representative is on this list, please contact them and ask them to
>support the tougher
>safeguards. If your Representative is not on this list, please ask them
>to support the Kucinich
>"Dear Colleague" letter endorsed by the majority of the nation's major
>environmental and
>public health organizations.
>Chris John (LA)
>Norman Sisisky (VA)
>Charles Stenholm (TX)
>Marion Berry (AR)
>Robert Cramer (AL)
>Scotty Baesler (KY)
>Tim Holden (PA)
>Gene Taylor (MS)
>Jim Turner (TX)
>Pat Danner (MO)
>William O. Lipinski (IL)
>Gary A. Condit (CA)
>Collin C. Peterson (MN)
>John Tanner (TN)
>David Minge (MN)
>Max Sandlin (TX)
>Allen Boyd (FL)
>Virgil H. Goode, Jr. (VA)
>Sanford Bishop, Jr. (GA)
>Mike McIntyre (NC)
>Ralph M. Hall (TX)
>John Dingell (MI)
>Sherrod Brown (OH)
>Rick Boucher (VA)
>Karen McCarthy (MO)
>Gene Green (TX)
>Ted Strickland (OH)
>Bart Gordon (TN)
>Bill Coyne (PA)
>Tim Holden (PA)
>John Murtha (PA)
>Paul Knajorski (PA)
>Bob Clement (TN)
>Ron Klink (PA)
>Bart Stupak (MI)
>Tom Sawyer (OH)
>Bobby Rush (IL)
>Edolphus Towns (NY)
>Tony Hall (OH)
>Ken Bentson (TX)
>Mike Doyle (PA)
>Frank Mascara (PA)
>Nick Lampson (TX)
>Jim Barcia (MI)
>Carolyn Kilpatrick (MI)
>Tim Roemer (IN)
>Nick Rahall (WV)
>Jim Traficant (OH)
>David Bonior (MI)
>Bob Wise (WV)
>Glenn Poshard (IL)
>Dale Kildee (MI)
>Marcy Kaptur (OH)
>Alan Mollohan (WV)
>Bill Lipinski (IL)
>Mike McIntyre (NC)
>Bill Luther (MN)
>James Oberstar (MN)
>Bill Hefner (NC)
>Sander Levin (MI)
>John Spratt (SC)
>Cal Dooley (CA)
>Julia Carson (IN)

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