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E-M:/ A small success

Enviro-Mich message from anne.woiwode@sfsierra.sierraclub.org

This fascinating tidbit was put out to a Sierra Club list -- AW


Some time ago, I posted a message pertaining to EPA's intention to retire an
old regulation, never enforced, that required federal facilities to place a
deposit on beverage containers.  The notice said the rule would retire if
there was no adverse comments.  Well, I guess there WAS adverse comment,
because on May 2, they announced that they would NOT retire that part of the
rule pertaining to the BB.  They go on to present the conditions of the
systems  to be used.  Now mind, there are a number of loopholes so it may not
work in all cases, but we actually got them to respond to our wishes!  Thank
you to all who wrote.
     Just think, every military base, federal building, and National Park to
name a few, is supposed to institute a Bottle Bill.  Before they figure out
which loophole to go for, suppose we each wrote a nearby facility manager, and
asked how and when they will be implementing the new (retreaded) rule?   At
least if they are inclined to, they can justify the action.
     You can find it in the EPA website - it was 5/2/97, 40 CFR Part 244 on
pages 24051-24054.  I can send if you wish, I thought it was too long to
broadcast.  Sorry, I left the address in the office.

Roger Diedrich

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