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E-M:/ Deja vu all over again

Enviro-Mich message from anne.woiwode@sfsierra.sierraclub.org


Why anyone thinks a motor race track in the most rural portions of northern
lower Michigan should be built at all, much less on state land, is something I
just can't fathom.  But like any persistent pest, this plan keeps moving
around in search of a bunch of saps to infest, hoping to get what they want.

After getting booted out of Kalkaska and Gaylord, the promoter of an
Indy-style racetrack complex that has included potential snow-mobile racing
and motor boat racing all on the same site, seems to have settled on the
poorest county in the state, Lake County, as the place to try to sell his
snake oil claims of economic development, etc.  This time, having learned from
his previous mistakes, the local units of government have apparently been
lined up.

The DNR, bless its ragged heart, has again said no to the plan to take 1395
acres of its woodland and turn into a congested, polluted, overblown racetrack
that is supposed to rival the MIS.  This time, the sly devils are trying to
run around the DNR and get their "Just Say No to Stupid Conversions of State
Forest Land into Racetracks" overturned by enlisting the support of State
Representative Llewellyn and State Senator Bill Schuette.  There is concern
that, with the local officials all signed on to the grand scheme, and an
apparent lack of even so much as a polite response to constituents requests to
Rep. Llewellyn to meet and discuss this, that there will be a swift
railroading of this plan through the legislature.

A local group in the area, WE-CARE, has been doing their best to fight this
idiotic proposal, including raising all the rational arguments about what a
sham the promises of economic development tied to this kind of scheme really
are.  So far, their local officials have totally ignored the concerns, no
doubt wowed with the idea that their rural landscape could be made to be just
like suburbia -- crime ridden, polluted, overrun with thrill seeking tourists
who couldn't care less about the natural wonders of the area.

If you would like to support these folks in their effort to fight this effort,
you can find out more about their activities by contacting Marilyn Gray at
(616) 797-5398.

MEANWHILE, how about if some legislators considered passing a law that says
RACETRACKS, in the words of Dr. Seus, "not here, not there, not anywhere" --
maybe we could throw in some other types of activities as well and call it

Yours in ranting and raving (R&R)

Anne Woiwode

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