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E-M:/ does michigan need more landfills?

Enviro-Mich message from mienvcouncil@igc.apc.org (dave dempsey)

The House Conservation Committee is going to give it the good old college
try in a last ditch attempt to smooth the way for new and expanded
landfills in Michigan.  Anyone who thinks the state's top solid waste
policy need is NOT more dumps should urge House members, particularly those
on the Committee, to kill House Bill 4037 when it comes up in the next
couple of weeks.

Scheduled to take up the bill on Wednesday, the Committee deferred when its
Chair, Rep. Tom Alley, announced that an agreement between the waste
industry and townships had not been reached. But he's still trying to forge

The bill effectively eliminates a tool many counties have used to achieve
recycling and waste reduction -- solid waste planning -- without replacing
it.  It also removes county authority to control the siting of landfills,
leaving that to host community agreements negotiated between the landfill
owner and the municipality, usually a township.  This will promote further
expansion of landfill capacity already estimated at 15-20 years by DEQ.
The bill does nothing at all in the way of promoting recycling or waste

On a positive note, the House Tax Policy Committee may take up H.B. 4748,
sponsored by Rep. Michael Griffin, May 21.  It provides a single business
tax credit for the manufacture of products from certain recycled materials.
That's the kind of solid waste legislation that we do need.

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